Acquired phimosis?

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    Been struggling with phimosis since November 2018. Quick story, had penile trauma while having intercourse and ended up in urgent care as my penis swelled up and looked like an eggplant. Doctors thought i had a penile fracture, but had only ruptured a dorsal vein. I had stopped all sexual activity for a few months as i noticed my foreskin was hard to pull back. I thought it was from the incident so i decided to wait and see if maybe it was still swollen. Fast forward to today, my foreskin is tight, but i am able to easily retract while flaccid but retracting while erect is painful and full retraction is only possible with lube. Biggest issue i have is with ejaculation. My skin is so tight that ejaculation is painful amd feels blocked by the phimotic band. I have been stretching since August 2019 with the two finger method. Tried using phimocure but i dont see much progress with the rings. Is acquired phimosis treatable with stretching or is circumcision required? Went to two different urologist and recommended hydrocortisone for 2 weeks applied directly to fooreskin. I am dreading the thought of circumcision. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hydrocortisone is the wrong formulation, and it can invite a yeast infection. You need  Betamethasone or equivalent. Ask for formulation incorporating Clotrimazole. With dedication, you can avoid surgery.

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    Try using cotton buds/qtips to stretch the band. Stretch 2-4 times a day for at least 5 mins. Moisturise after stretching and don’t give up! This is a good guide for stretching –

    Guide to Treating Phimosis

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