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    Hi guys. I’ve been experimenting and banging my head against a brick wall for the last few days trying to find a stretching method that works for me. I have a really long acroposthion, which means that the tight band is actually quite low down within the tunnel. This means that I’m finding it incredibly difficult to stretch. Methods tried:


    – Phimocure – Can’t get enough purchase to get the foreskin open, with just one hand, so I can insert the rings. If I use the metal tool supplied, I can open up the foreskin and get purchase around the ring – but only using my left hand as support to hold it open. So this means that I can’t insert the ring as my hands are full.

    – Glansie – This works the best so far. I’m able to get it far down enough such that I’m able to stretch one half of the ring, if that makes sense. However because I need to use lube to get the glansie through the Acro, my other hand’s fingers are too slippery to get any sort of purchase to stretch with the other hand. So it’s not a full stretch.


    – Glanspro – waste of time.



    Does anyone have any tips, or past experience? How should I proceed – perhaps just stretching by trying to retract over and over?

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    Try a pair os laquered chop sticks.

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    Thank you,


    I’ll give them a go tomorrow. After experimenting this afternoon I was able to use the glansie on one side, with a finger on the other side stretching the band specifically. So this with a combo of the chopsticks should work wonders – I’ll update this thread!



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