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    David H.

    I wanted to share my story to contribute back to the community that resolved a huge issue of mine.

    I didn’t realize the foreskin was supposed to retract until about junior year of high school. I was socially awkward in high school so I did not have many opportunities to have sex. However, I did have a few opportunities to have sex and did not take advantage of them due to fear stemming of shame stemming from my phimosis (and being uncut in general).

    In college I was able to retract a little bit at a time using manual stretching and was eventually able to get the foreskin past the head. However, sex was not pleasurable and was painful at times. I was having sex just to say I was have sex, not due to the pleasure.

    Fast forward to now, two years out of college. I met a girl a few months ago that I really liked. We had sex a few times but I would either 1)lose my erection due to loss of stimulation because my phimotic ring was restricting blood flow or 2) never orgasm. This drove me to doing more research and this ultimately site.

    As a bodybuilder, the thought of progressively increasing the size of flesh tunnels intrigued me. I bought a 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, 26mm, and 28mm to start. I went to the doctor to get prescribed betamethasone but he was very hesitant and very insistent on circumcision. He told me it was common for people who were uncut to have less pleasure during sex (lol). He ended up prescribing an different, weaker corticosteroid. I was seriously considering getting a circumcision, since it was covered by my health insurance. However, I told him to give me a month with the rings and cream.

    The results came fast. I jumped from 16 to 20 within a week, then 20-24 the next week. The larger rings required a week a piece until I got up to 32mm (I had to order larger rings). Now I am taking my time with the progression since I am fully able to retract, however there still is a little bit of restriction so I will continue to progress. Sex feels a lot better and I feel like my glans become more engorged with blood.

    Here are my tips for those considering flesh tunnel stretching:

    1) Make sure the rings are sanitized. I simply used hand soap. Be sure to wash off all of the soap. It can cause irritation if residue is left on the ring. I thought I had a yeast infection but it was simply irritation due to the soap.

    2) I truly believe that topical corticosteroids drastically increased the rate of my progress. Topical corticosteroids can thin the skin, making it more elastic and flexible. The most important thing is that it suppresses inflammation. The four symptoms of inflammation are pain, swelling, redness, and heat. These symptoms are invoked by the immune response. The immune response will send white blood cells to the area of inflammation. The result is an increased chance of scar tissue forming instead of your skin healing properly.

    3) When progressing, I moved up a size whenever I was physically able to. If I could fit the next one in, I would. However, if there were signs of inflammation lasting over 15 minutes (four signs above), it was a sign that I was moving too fast and I stayed at the previous ring.

    4) When moving up to the larger rings, cut a “v” shape notch at the TOP of the ring. I found this out when I was trying to cut a notch to relieve pressure on my frenulum. If the notch is at the top of the ring (part exposed when your flesh tunnel is in), it makes it easier to remove the rings. Apply force to both sides of the notch and it will collapse within itself. This was really helpful for me since it was painful trying to remove the rings sometimes.

    5) Lubrication. I would pull my foreskin back as far as I could, apply lotion, then insert the ring. It made insertion easier and let me progress more aggressively.

    Conclusion/tl;dr: This website is an aggregate of useful information for those suffering from phimosis. It took me about a month to get where I am now, and I just need one more progression to be where I want to be (2 more weeks roughly). Thanks to Paul, Jim, and other contributors who helped me in my success. My knowledge/technique is from my background in biomedical sciences in conjunction with information shared on the web. Please do not hesitate to ask me questions. Phimosis weighed me down for the longest time, and I am happy to help.

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    David H.

    Sorry in advance for some grammatical errors, writing is not my specialty and I should proofread before I submit

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    That’s great! I’m glad you could fix it 🙂

    I’ve been trying to stretch with my hands for years, but I just don’t have the patience for it. It’s really stupid, but I always gave up, because the amount of effort I was putting in this didn’t gave me the results I wanted. So I bought the rings as well.

    Just started with them a couple days ago. The smallest ring (9,5mm) goes in pretty easy and goes out without any problem. Got a bit to overexcited and wanted to move on straight away… shouldn’t have done that. Putting the second ring in was a bit of a struggle and once it was in I knew it was way to big. Took me ages to get it out. Well, here’s hoping I will see results soon as well!


    I don’t exactly understand what you mean with the V-shape cut in the rings?



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      Cut the bit out that sits on the frenulum so the frenulum doesn’t hurt.

      Glad it worked for you. What age are you?

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    David H.


    I am 24. And usually you would use that notch to relieve pressure from the frenulum. However, I read that you should apply pressure to the frenulum to aid in its stretching.

    However, I am talking about using the notch for a different purpose. When using larger rings, there is quite a bit of tension distributed equally around the ring. This can cause a lot of friction and pain during the removal. The purpose of the notch is that if you push in towards the notch during removal, the force distributes in that plane and there is a significant reduction of friction. It is hard to explain through words, maybe the pictures will help you visualize it.

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    David H.

    When removing the flesh tunnel, apply force inferolaterally (on both of the sides flanking the ring, from the bottom) and it will pop out.

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    David H.

    Showing the notch. The notch will be visible when the tunnel is inserted

    The notch will be visible when the flesh tunnel is inserted

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    Hi David,

    I am on ring 7 and it goes in well without me squeezing the ring and letting it expand.

    I am finding it difficult to compress the larger ring and let it expand inside. Is this normal?

    I can squeeze the ring and get it inside compressed, but when I try to let it expand it pops out.

    The only way I do it at the moment is pull the skin back and insert the ring.

    I am concerned though because any larger rings won’t work this same way and I am wondering if I will ever be able to get to ring 8 and above.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    David H

    Yes it was normal for me. I would let it slowly expand to the point where it would not expand further (it almost tries to slip out on you). Then I would work it in with my fingers.

    When I moved up to the 32mm ring, I would start in the morning by putting in my 28mm ring. It would usually fall out naturally after an hour or so. Then I would put in the 30mm ring for a couple hours, take a couple hours rest, then put the 32mm ring in for as long as I could bear. It gets trickier when you move up to large rings but just keep at it!

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