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    Hiya, just a quick question that always confused me. does anybody know the reason that doctors don’t have a precidure as to where they just loosen the skin? like they can circumcise and they even have the ability to switch genders . why can’t they simply fix the phimosis?
    thank you

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    Loosen skin will take time and effort. There is no magical device that you can use and it will fix your phimosis in one sitting. Also money is a factor, they simply get more cash by doing a surgery because a surgery is not something any GP could do.

    They’re liars, it is as simple as that. Sorry for having such a drastically view.

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    I just feel they’re all lying. now i get it takes a while but i’m sure they could like rip it then let it regrow like when they want to stretch out a deformed leg. i feel they could figure it out but as you said they don’t want too cause of money.

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    I don’t think they are looking for new ways because circumcision is a quick fix.

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    In the US, an adult circumcison costs $1500-2500. That’s a lot of money for 1/2 hr to one hr of work. An average 15 min visit runs about $70, of which Medicare or most insurance plans will pay $15. If you were the doctor with a brand new Porsche, which would you recommend?

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      But the Uk with NHS?

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    In UK, it’s conditioning and ignorance. Most doctors don’t believe anything beyond what they were taught in medical school.

    In addition, socialized medicine has created assembly line treatment. You are just another item on the assembly line which must be moved along. The fastest way to get you out of the way is to circumcise you.

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