Applying clotrimozle cream

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    In quite a few guides (like this one ) it is recommended to apply clotrimozle cream in addition to a streatching routine. However, I am confused on where exactly to apply it and how much to apply. I can get fully retraction when flaccid so should i retract and apply it to the foreskin beneath the glans, should it go on the outside of the foreskin, should any get on the glans itself, etc?

    If anyone has anything that can help it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Clotrimazole is used to control yeast. Ordinarily, if you avoid using soap on your penis, and especially inside your foreskin; are not having unprotected sex; are not using a wide-spectrum antibiotics; are not using Betamethasone or equivalent, you are not at high risk for a yeast infection, so you may not need it. If there is any cracking, tearing, or no progress made, then use it. It should be applied to all penile surfaces, especially inside the foreskin. A tiny amount spread uniformly should be sufficient.

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