Are you supposed to get rid of the ring?

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    Bilford Tool

    Hey everyone,


    I have been stretching for about 7 weeks now and I have been making huge progress. Went from not being able to retract at all to retraction behind the flaccid glans now (with a bit of choking still though).


    My question is whether I’m supposed to stretch until there’s no phimotic ring at all? Even though my ring isn’t as tight, I can still feel it. Basically, should I just stop once retracting over an erect glans can be done comfortably or am I supposed to eliminate the tight ring area completely?

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    Let’s forget the term phimotic ring. It’s your frenar band and it’s normal. It’s there to provide another layer of pleasure as the foreskin glides back and forth over the corona. So, the answer is no, you shouldn’t try to get rid of it. When retraction with sn erection is possible easily, Continue exercises for a four to six weeks more to allow time for cell divide and grow. At that point, you can relax the schedule to test your progress. If the opening tightens up too much, you know you have a little more work to do.

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