been stretching for 2 months but i am still unclear on some things.

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    Hi there

    So I’m 16 and have been trying to treat my phimosis with stretching for 2 months. I made solid progress the first month and a half. I went from no being able to see the glands at all, to be able to skin back a couple millimeters over the metaus (and maybe close to halfway back on a good day). I have a lot of questions and my urologist hasn’t been much help. I’m curious if its possible for me to have phimosis and frenulum breve at the same time. because when I stretch and then try to retract, the skin on the top of the head will go farther back then the skin around the frenulum also it feels a little tight.

    I have gotten to a point where I can fit one of my index fingers in to stretch with the other hand pinching the other end. I haven’t made a lot of progress since that milestone tho and I think it because I have to stretch deeper down. the problem is that would require touching the glands which are super sensitive.

    honestly, I just feel stuck and lost with too many questions and not enough answers. I don’t want to get a circumcision and I want to try to keep my foreskin as much as possible. I don’t know if a frenlascopy would help and I don’t know if I should try phimocure rings. I cant fit all my questions on the subject in one post. I hope there is someone out there who can help me. please respond if you have a knowledge that can help I would really appreciate it. thanks for reading

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    How many times have you seen your urologists? what was the urologists opinion? Surly the urologist can identity phimosis or frenulum breve correctly?
    I think you are much younger than most guys on this site. Is it possible that your penis is still growing/changing? Maybe the urologists would know more about this?
    If this urologists is no good, do you have access to another urologists
    If you do have phimosis or frenulum breve, no need to panic. You have discovered it early, and have plenty of time to improve it. I don’t think you should rush into any kind of surgery.

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      I became aware of it about 3 months ago when I realized not being able to retract wasn’t normal. I went to see a urologist -which is the only one I’ve seen so far and am not going back to again- he looked at it for 2 seconds and recommended circumcision. we were going to do the surgery until I started to educate myself about how to cure it naturally and became convinced I didn’t need surgery. we went back to him for the second time and told us that if it didn’t separate from the glans around age 13-14 then it won’t separate. which I think is a lie. he also said I have scar tissue but after doing my research I don’t see anything that looks like scar tissue and I haven’t had any infections that would have caused it.

      since then I have not gone back see another urologist because of, it just kinda skeptical after that first one. But I have been thinking about it since I think I need another opinion on treating. I think my parents have good healthcare and they are aware of the situation and support my decisions. To answer your question yes I have access to other urologists.

      Am I younger than most people dealing with these issues? I was told (by that shitty doctor but still) that if the skin doesn’t retract by 13-14 then there’s a very very low chance it ever will. good to know I caught it early. I have always been a late bloomer so maybe it will magically separate one day because I’m not done with puberty (still don’t have chest or armpit hair and my voice isn’t as low as my dads). but I would rather try to treat it now

      this has been the most stressful thing in my life for the past two months because it not as easy as “take this pill it will fix it.” everytime I make progress I discover a whole new thing to worry about. progress has also been slow I’ve been manually stretching 4 times a day for 5 minutes. I will be able to retract it a good amount smoothly that night after stretching. then I will go to bed and wake up and I cant retract as far as I did 12 hours ago

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    Get the word circumcision out of your vocabulary.  It’s not a proper cure for what you’re experiencing.

    The words phimosis and frenulum breve are just descriptions and nothing more.  They are not a disease.  Consider them as a form of immaturity.  You’re simply developing a bit late.  Even better, it’s not vital to help to change the status, nor it is ever too late to improve it.

    For the tight opening, do this:

    For the frenulum, mimic what you see in the picture:

    You may do them one after another.  The little muscle which is restricting retraction is actually a continuation of the frenulum and is known as the frenar band.

    The exercises should be done for five minutes each, four evenly spaced times per day.

    Surgery of any sort will not help your problem.  There are various ways the frenulum can be altered, but few men are satisfied with results.  Just fix what you have and you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labor for life.

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      ok, but I have been doing the top stretch for 2 months and I went from being able to see nothing to be able to get it a couple cm past the peephole. but ever since then I have hit a plateau, I can fit 1 finger in but not 2. the progress I do make feels disappointing because by the next morning it gets tighter again. I am thinking about getting and trying to procure, but I’m hesitant because it says for adults only but I’m 16. I wonder if maybe I’m a late bloomer and it will do it by itself but I want to treat it and fix it now.


      also a different issue. my penis is rotated like 45 degrees. it’s kinda off axis. It doesn’t hurt and I don’t really care I’m just wondering what could have caused it and if its an issue.

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      P Bob

      Consider purchasing a Phimocure. I was just like you, frustrated with the plateau I would hit and I would give up. In just about 2 weeks with the phimocure kit, I’ve made more progress than I have in 3 years!

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      Im considering buy phimocure but my glans are too sensitive to use something like that. is there any way I can desensitize the head even if I cant fully retract yet.

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