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    So I finally have a prescription for betamethasone cream, but it’s 0.025% rather than 0.05%, i.e. quarter strength rather than half strength (I think). 0.05% wasn’t available here in the UK. Has anyone else used this concentration of cream before? I do just use twice the amount of cream to make up for the concentration? What amount of cream did you have to use, how many times a day (package says twice a day but that’s probably a very general guide) and for how long in weeks?

    Also did you apply the cream before/after stretching or just applied the cream on its own? I didn’t really receive any advice from the doctor about this, and the packaging gives guidance for other parts of the body but not the genitals.

    The packaging gives measurements in fingertips (a dab of cream from the tip of the finger to the first joint) so so far I’ve been using about half a fingertip a time.

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    Stretching is the magic of the cream. The medicine just makes the skin more receptive. Apply a tiny amount only to the tightest part of your foreskin opening. Then rub it in. Do your stretching first, the apply the cream and leave your skin alone till next stretching session. After first stretch and after last stretch of the day is a good time. Try to get in 4 five minute sessions per day, or at least two hours with Phimocure rings.

    Any questions?

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    Thanks. I’ve been using the cream for almost two weeks now – two 15 minute stretches a day with some cream applied before and more after. The first stretch with the largest phimocure ring, and the second with the two finger method. So far I haven’t noticed a significant improvement or at least any changes in my condition.

    I can’t actually keep the phimocure ring in without holding it there since eventually it just pops out. I guess this is a good sign that my phimosis is progressing past the need to use the rings, but I can still feel the stretch on my phimotic band using the largest ring, so I’ll keep using it for the time being.

    Would four 5 minute sessions be better? Something to do with more consistent stretching rather than just two more intensive sessions?

    I’ve always had trouble gauging the amount of force to use when stretching also – sometimes I can feel if a stretch is good, and a sense of “fizzling” on the band where the beneficial damage is taking place, whereas other times it feels like I’m pulling on a piece of paracord that just isn’t budging. I might have set myself back in the past pulling too hard – there doesn’t seem to be any description online of what stretching should “feel like” – just the instruction to stretch. I’ll keep going regardless.

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    Do not apply before stretching, as you don’t want the powerful substance on the wring parts. Yes, four short sessions are better than two. If rings fall out, it’s time for a larger size.

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    Oh, okay – the “wring” parts? Can you elaborate?

    I wish I did have a larger ring but I’ve reached the largest, which means I must be close. I’ve read that progress is faster towards the end of solving your phimosis, but I haven’t seen much progress in the last few months. The Betamethasone will hopefully make all the difference. 2 weeks in now.

    By the way, is it fine to stretch four times a day every single day, or should I rest for one day of the week to allow the skin to catch up if it needs to?

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    My experience shows that progress slows down as you approach the end. Remember that you must also stretch six more weeks after goal is reached so cells can mature. Do not take days off or you could regress.

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    Got it. Thanks for all your advice.

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