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    I have been using Betamethasone Cream for a week now, and the results have been amazing.

    I’ve made more progress with this cream than I have with just using the Phimocure Rings for the past two years. Until last week I was stuck on ring 10 for months. And even with ring 10, I could never pull my skin back to any more than just half past the tip with and erection. It was extremely frustrating.

    But with just one week of using the cream, I have finally been able to pull back have way down the glans with an erection. Thats a huge difference! I really wish I used this cream sooner.

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    Be careful of the cream. When I stopped using it my Forskin got really dry

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      I’m keeping an eye on it and being careful of tearing. I’m also still using Coconut Oil in between stretches and to lube up the ring.

      But I really don’t think I could’ve gotten that far without the Betamethasone Cream.

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    I’d love to be able to get my hands on this cream. However, my trip to the Doctors wasn’t successful in trying to get it. :/ Been stuck on ring 2 of Phimocure for 3 months…

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    See the previous post  “How I fixed my phimosis in 1 month”  about a week ago and read the Davit posting. You need to stretch the opening a bit harder to get growth. If not enough tension id applied there will be little or no progress.

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    I’d like to use a Killian nasal speculum Davit, However, it’s just not practical for what I do every day. I can’t dedicate time to sit for a while with it in as I’m always on my feet. However, I was in contact with Phimocure and they’re sending me out smaller ring sizes to insert into ring 2 to help stretch more as if I try putting ring 3 in the pain is unbearable and I don’t want to cause any damage so this is what the suggested. The only reasoning behind me wanting betamethasone cream is the fact it might help me get out of ring 2. But I’m going to try what Phimocure said first and hope I have more luck there, As being on ring 2 now I feel no stretch just pain taking it out which is bearable if I just fold it.

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    Pain is usually caused by something cutting off blood circulation. That is not good and can result in tissue dying. Do you want to take a chance of your FS tip dying and turning black and falling off and getting infected due to reduced or no blood flow.???? The doctor will have to cut your FS off to save you life in that case.   I am sure you can spend a few minutes (10?) in the AM and the PM with strong tension maintained with the set screw using the Killian nasal speculum to encourage skin mitosis or growth. Then you can insert a ring that maintains but does not put too much pressure to maintain the opening size. You will not have pain because you will be encouraging progress but maintaining blood flow which is vital to result in skin growth and health. I see many complain of NO PROGRESS while using a ring that is painful and cuts off blood flow resulting in pain.  Skin will not grow with reduced or no blood flow.

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      I actually never thought of inserting something to maintain the opening. The opening reverting is a problem I’ve been battling since I started Phimocure, and its been frustrating.

      Would using a ring a size smaller than the one you’re stretching with be good enough to maintain?



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    Without manual stretching twice a day  I don’t believe progress will be made. The manual stretching causes the growth to be stimulated and using a ring that maintains the opening causes the skin to grow to accommodate the new size opening. In Eaby or Amazon the Kilian nasal speculum with the set screw is only about $10 postage paid so you won’t go broke getting it. Get the one with the 2 inch jaw length. A Glansie costs more then $100  and does the same thing. If the ring tends to fall out just use some Millipore medical  tape to hold it in place. This is not rocket science. If your opening is large enough use your fingers to manually stretch. The Killian will stretch to 25 MM or one inch diameter opening. If you need a larger opening slide some plastic tubing over the jaws to increase the stretching size. You can get tubing at any hardware store.

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      I don’t believe that no progress is made without manual stretching. It might take a little longer, but you do still see improvements. I’m some one who started on ring 7 (maybe 6, can’t remember), and slowly worked up to ring 10 with very little manual stretching. Ring 10 is where I pretty much stalled out on, and now ring 10 doesn’t feel like its doing much of anything. Currently trying to muster the courage to drop in ring 11.

      Maybe now that I’m using the Betamethasone cream, manual stretching will be easier, but I’ve never had much success with it as its always given me a hard time. I waste more time trying to stretch than actually stretching.

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    I suppose I could Davit. You’re saying it’s cutting off blood circulation. Even when I try ring 3 it hurts yes. But only on one sport which would be near a vein maybe that’s the cause? However, Could you link me exactly what I’d need and I could try setting aside a few mins every day.

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    Just go to ebay or Amazon and put  Kilian nasal speculum  in the search and you will see a boat load of vendors. You already have the rings and you can get some Millipore tape anywhere in any pharmacy or grocery store. I find it hard to believe you cannot take 5 or so minutes when you get up and before you go to bed to not use a Killian speculum.  What you are doing is not working so try something different.  Guys that have been cut are restoring and growing 5 to 7 inches of skin to recover in 3 to 4 years and are delighted with the new sensations they experience, and you only have to grow about 2.5 inches more skin to be able to retract easily. That is from a circumference of about 0.9 inches to about a circumference of about 3.5 inches so you can do it with due diligence.  That means it would take you about year from a 1/4 inch tight opening to erect retraction of about  1 1/4 inch diameter. It may take you less time too. It takes neurotic dedication and determination and it takes time. You can get cut and suffer the results as outlined by Maimonides Circumcision article. Just search on Yahoo or Google for “Maimonides Circumcision” and read what Circumcision results are. Do you want that or do you want to fix you present difficulties and enjoy what you are blessed with that you parents did not have torn off your organ when you were only hours old ???

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    Right, I’ll give it a go and see what happens then Davit. For my case then would you maybe please link me exactly what I’d need? As you’re saying things about fixed screws or something?. Is coconut oil recommended for using a Kilian nasal speculum also?

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    I don’t know why a young guy like you cannot just paste Killian Nasal Speculum into the search bar on the Ebay site and come up with this?? I am pushing 72 YRO and I can do it.. Well here it is!02347!US!-1

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