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      English is not my first language so pardon me.

      I’m from Vietnam and have has phimosis my whole life. I finally realized that mine is not normal when I turned 17. But I did nothing to it, live on until 24, when I finally had sex. There was no discomfort because my pinhole phimosis prevent most of the feeling I had there. My partner then was experienced and she was weirded out by my phimosis, let to our break up. I found the, got really motivated and tried to solve my problem by stretching. I mostly use Q-tips to stretching since it is impossible to do finger stretch in my case.

      Fast forward, now I’m 27. After tried many method of stretching, finally got it from that tiny pinhole to a 0.8 cm diameter circle, all by using the Q-tips, I was dead tired of the slow process and stagnance. It has been several months and there is visually no progress at all. I finally decided to bought the Phimocure kit, knowing that it may never come since there are a high risk of it got lost on the way from UK to Vietnam. But I finally got it, after 10 days or so. I was so happy to put my hand on it, and using right away. At first I tried the recommended routine of 1 hour/wear, 3 times a days, along with 2 manual stretch sessions using the Q-tips. Something was happenning, but I would want to speed it up, so I decide to wear over night, then wear it all day long. For 3 days, there is no pain, no problem, it even slip out at night once. So I tried to wear a bigger size, it didn’t hurt at first. But overnight, in the morning, I saw a small cut and a bloody ring. It was so scary, I regret moving up the size.

      So I want to know: How do you know when to move up a size? And also, in cases such as mine, how do you treat the injury and should I continue to stretch with the smaller ring during this treatment period?

      I use both betamethasone and clotrimazole, a tiny dab of each twice a day, before and after bed.

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