BXO/LS and phimosis success

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    BXO/LS and phimosis success

    Hello, i just wanted to tell that i have gotten rid of both conditions and also want to thank you for maintaining this forum and thank you for telling me not to get circumcised.

    It’s been a long road for me, but it was all worth it! happy.gif

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    Tell us how this took place.

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    My story.

    Little background story, im 24 and i live in Finland. (sorry for grammar and i’ve never been good at writing long texts.)

    I’ve had phimosis all my life and never concerned myself about it, until i thought can you actually make babies with tight foreskin without pain or with fear of paraphimosis. After i started doing these foreskin stretch exercises found in this site and using flesh tunnels everything went fine till i managed to notice white skin on my foreskin after i stopped going to gym with my brother.

    Heres my conversation with Paul about my visit to urologist and BXO.http://www.network54.com/Forum/244184/message/1357578083/BXO
    After couple of months i visited Dermatologist, who pretty much told me to get circumcised, but i denied the suggestion.

    I kinda got frustrated about this country’s knowledge of BXO/LS (Yeah i was kinda passive in doctor visits, should have opened my mouth and said they should give me stronger cream for this painful and annoying disease.)

    After this i started looking for people on the internet who would have gotten rid of this BXO without getting surgery and i found this forum discussion.


    There was a guy “Dfrance” who had cured his BXO with mix of DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide) and Tea tree oil. Taking red clover capsule and using emu oil for healing process after the skin had peeled.
    After reading people trying it and telling positive results i decided to give it a shot.

    What this mix does it makes your skin peel and after couple of months of eating plenty of healthy food without sugars and using this mix i got rid of BXO and now theres no white skin on my foreskin.

    I think you guys might disapprove this method, but it did work for me.

    Now pretty much left for me is to stretch my frenulum length.

    here’s wiki for DMSO:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dimethyl_sulfoxide

    Hope it was somehow readable, thank you. happy.gif

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      P Bob

      I just want to make sure, you appliedĀ DMSO and tea tree oil directly on to the glans?

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    Thanks for sharing

    Actually, I approve of what you did because it worked and you still have your foreskin. Good job!

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    Purple Wind

    I’m just starting the treatment that Dfrance proposed, except I may have slipped up; I ordered tea tree oil and DMSO, but forgot to add emu oil. I’ve added emu oil to my basket. šŸ˜› So because I only mixed those two ingredients, it is rather painful… I’ve been applying the 50/50 mix topically without emu oil for two days and am now giving it a break until the emu oil arrives as it hurts like a b***. FML, ha ha…

    I’m also taking 1ml of 100% red clover mixed in a bit of water three times a day. I haven’t tried manuka honey overnight yet, so I might try that.

    The main problem in my case is I can’t retract the foreskin at all. So I’ve had to feed a cotton bud dipped in the tea tree + DMSO solution down the foreskin to apply it topically. Barely enough space to take a leak! But I’m praying this works. I believe in the accounts of personal experiences people have written and their words of encouragement!

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      P Bob

      How has it gone applying DMSO directly on to your glans?

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      Purple Wind

      I think I was applying too much. I stopped completely as my foreskin was ridiculously swollen. Now it has gone down and I can go a bit more normally. Still can’t retract over glans. I’m applying to the foreskin and not the glans as that’s the problem – I can’t retract the foreskin. Now I just eat as little sugar and “fake” sugar as possible, clean daily and dry with a hairdryer. Seems to help a bit.

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    May i ask if you ever felt like dry glans or dry skin whenever you moved up a phimocure ring or started stretching on a more tension since you improved?

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    Purple Wind

    Not dry, just very tight. The problem I’m facing is it may get to the point where it’ll completely close up and I won’t be able to urinate. If I keep it clean and bone-dry (no pun intended lol!!), it seems to help slowly but surely. I may apply a little DMSO and Tea Tree Oil on occasion to help kill the fungal/viral/whatever it is going on down there. I heard it may be fungal and DMSO can stunt the growth of or kill fungal conditions.

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