Can Yeast effect \"outside\" appearance?

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    Perhaps vague in title but to elaborate:

    I haven’t truly embarked on stretching however there is an intent to, but it is otherwise hampered by lately noting a paler complexion to the outside of skin, typically where the corona and glans are visible from within if that makes sense – The remaining 2/3rds of the shaft retain their usual skin tone. As well as this there seems to be a recent ease of discomfort or risk of tearing even when manipulating my foreskin in the shower to make a decent job of washing. The foreskin will appear quite red when bunched up and feel slightly itchy if I’ve been sat down on the toilet for too long (as presumably there is a urine build-up after going as a byproduct)

    Could this be the result of yeast? I suppose i’m subconciously hoping so, as my glans when I try and pull back (think a type 3 phimosis) has varying degrees of pale/blueish portions that fade around the red/pink meatus. What cream should I be trying to obtain to treat if so, and how long should I be aiming to acquire visible results before furthering an appt. with my GP to rule out other things?

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    Try a bit of hydrogen peroxide. I should not sting or hurt and it is deadly to bacteria and yeast.  Get it inside your FS. It should work quickly and is usually more effective than doctor creams. It is cheap too and can be usually bought at any store.

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