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    Wanted to share that I’m cured! Cured my phimosis in about 3 months of stretching, my frenulum within about 5 months. Not sure how much stretching was actually relevant for my frenulum.. I thought it had to be really long, judging from what i’d seen in videos/ gifs but it works perfect at what i judge to be a short/medium length.

    But i’m really surprised not to hear about the initial sensitivity! Because i stopped stretching a long time and when got to actually have sex(hooray), it sucked! It was so sensitive to touch, really painful and sex didn’t feel like much. So i had to go through the process of desensitivity..leaving the skin back unexposed for hours or touching it. It was sooo uncomfortable for me and i worried my tadger would ever fix.. but it only took 2 months. And it became so comfortable now when unexposed forget whether its up or down or not!

    I was scared i had a broken willy unable to feel pleasure but now its all good!! Plus my psychological anxieties beginning to decrease and know its safer each time, making a good experience.

    A urologist said my only option was circumcision! I paid him $2oo for 15 minutes out of my pocket.. HE WAS WRONG!!! He wanted to cut my precious!!!

    You can do it! Its really worth it, you can actually cure all of this yay 🙂 Good luck

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    Thanks for the good report.  You’re an inspiration.

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    How bad was it?

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    Hey, thanks for sharing you success and congrats!

    Would you mind stating your age, how long you’d had the problem before starting stretching, and how bad it was to begin with (i.e. how tight the phimotic ring was)? Also how often/long your stretched over the 3 months.

    Such info would be super helpful for me and other guys to better gauge roughly how long out own processes might take, and could help greatly to foster positive morale.


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    I’m in the exact same situation as you once were. After having sex for the first time after treating phimosis it felt like nothing. All I felt was pain and discomfort.

    I was horrified that sex felt so awful and thought i’d broken/damaged something for good, but your post reassured me that the sensitivity is the culprit. I’ll focus on that now too.

    @Jack, incase you’re interested

    Age: 27

    Problem since birth, physiological.

    Exposure level before treatment; meatus only.

    Treatment period; 10 weeks with dermovate 0.5 mg/g steroid ointment

    Stretching regimen; 4 times a day, 5-10 minutes each session.



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    Tim, where did you learn the technique and program which you used?


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      Thanks for the info @Tim! And congrats on your success.

      I’ve been at it 6 weeks already with a very consistent stretching routine, much like yours, plus a steroid cream for 2 weeks, but am finding progress to be very slow. It’s hard for me to tell if anything is even changing at all; if it is, it is extremely incremental.

      Since my opening was already around 34mm when stretched to the max upon starting this process, I thought this should be a fairly quick process. But I’m finding my phimotic opening to be particularly resistant to expansion for some reason, despite being a relatively mild case.

      It’s frustrating to say the least. In all honesty, I do have days wondering if mine is fixable this way, despite all the evidence on this forum that it should be. But I’ll just have to keep success stories like yours in mind and try to maintain faith and consistency with the exercises. Don’t wanna be chopped. Fingers crossed.

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      Don’t assume this applies to your situation, but I had little/no results of stretching with steroid ointment the first two weeks.

      After 2 weeks the results started coming. I know this because I kept taking progress pictures.

      I wish you the best of luck.

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    I learned it from you I believe, on this website. I figured, much like any form of excercise, consistency is key.

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      Interesting. I actually stopped with the ointment recently as it didn’t seem to be doing much.

      But since it was also causing absolutely no signs of irritation or infection I met give it another go.

      Were you applying just once a day, or more?

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      Twice a day, morning and evening. Right after stretching.

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    Glad to hear that someone has listened and actually applied the techniques.

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    Urologists get a fee of about $3,000 for doing an adult circumcision.  They have a severe conflict of interest between what is best for the patient and what is best for their bank account.

    Unfortunately, some see three thousand dollars attached to every guy with a foreskin who walks through the door, and they recommend circumcision to everyone.  They claim to see no value in the foreskin and just see it as something to be cut off as soon as possible.

    Not all urologists are like this, but too many are. Intact males should be aware of this bias among urologists, and consider very carefully any advice in favor of a circumcision.


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    Circumcision generates much more than $3000. Consider the profits to companies making the specialized equipment. When done in a hospital, that hospital profits. Baby foreskins are sold to artifical skin manufacturers,cosmetic companies and medical research companies without legal permission. Those companies profit in the $millions from the use of the foreskins.

    That’s only the beginning. The loss of pleasure is incalulable. With loss of sensitivity, a great deal of circumcised men become impotent, having to rely upon drugs to achieve erections. Circumcised American men have the highest consumption rates of erection enhancement drugs in the world.

    It all about the money.

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    Two questions:

    1) When you get erect, does your foreskin retract normally or do you have to pull it down?

    2) How to solve the short frenulum issue? I find it very painful to get an erection with the foreskin retracted. My current approach is to retract my foreskin before bed and when I wake up in the morning with wood, I notice the pain less than I would otherwise

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    If that helps, continue. You can apply tension to the frenulum by pulling your foreskin at the pont of attachment of the frenulum. Tug with firmness and hold, regripping as necessary for five minutes. Do that four times per day and after each time you pee. Also retract to the limit and hold, following the same routine of time and frequency.

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