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    Going Forward

    Hello all!

    Ok age 50 male newly suffering from a bout of phimosis. I went through an episode of this in 2007 that I was able to clear up the tightness with manual stretching using my two trigger fingers pilling outward three times a day for a month.

    About two months ago I found I could not retract the foreskin, as easily as I once had. it would retract even over an erection but it was getting tight!  I was in my doctor’s office for my yearly checkup and explained the situation to which he suggested an antifungal cream and some 1%hydrocortizone. I had the tight phimotic ring that exhibited a white-ish, scar tissue ring all the way around as well.

    I also ordered a set of stepped silicone rings designed for stretching the foreskin out.  I began this undertaking slowly but a month into it,  I believe the hydro cream caused significant thinning of the skin. It was as though the white and callus-like rig seemed to be getting softer. Thinking I was making progress, I moved up a ring size being slightly impatient…

    Then, I found that the next day, I had split the foreskin skin in two places. I stopped using the rings, let the skin (mostly) heal BUT the opening size shrank dramatically. I have diligently worked back up in ring sizes, but I am back to the size where I spilt the skin earlier and damn if it hasn’t happened again!

    So I am continuing using the rings but I need advice on healing the skin tears. I have STOPPED the hydro cream. I am keeping everything clean by either washing or cleaning with 70% alcohol, then using an antibiotic cream as well as a 40% UREA cream along with the stretching ring to try and maintain the gains I have made. I do this 4 times a day and there is minimal pain and no sign of infection. What I need is something to help speed up the skin healing? Does anyone have any advice?



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    OMG, alcohol? Stop that now. Clean with just plain water and no cleaning agent. I would encourage re-establishment of bacteria with application of a small amount of plain yogurt inside the foreskin. Use a q-tip if necessary. Give it a week to heal, then resume stretching with your fingers. Try four sesssions per day to see if your foreskin will tolerate that. Back off if there’s irritation. Once an acceptible routine is esarablished try resuming use of the rings.

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      Going Forward

      Had to take a business trip last week and somehow my antifungal creme and my Phimocure rings disappeared on the trip. I looked everywhere for them. This happened last Thursday. By the time I got back on Sunday every bit of gain I had made disappeared and now the opening is the smallest I have ever seen it and the white ring is huge!

      This isn’t starting at square 1 is starting at like -16….

      I have gone to my doctor who straight away referred me to a urologist but that appointment isn’t until the 3rd. retraction in any form is not possible and I am afraid the urologist is going to say CIRCUMCISION!!! only option.

      At this point, I am wondering if a partial circumcision wouldn’t be a good idea?

      Who here has undergone a partial and how did it go? how long did it take to heal up?


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    I think I experienced the same thing as you:

    A phimosis appeared at 50 years+, trying to stretch too agressively with phimocure (going to next ring size too early), without waiting for the yeat infection to be fully cured, stopped because of mini-tears, and ended back ar a much smaller opening size.

    I waited some months, and I am now retrying phimocure rings with success so far, by basically going slower and gentler: keeping the same ring size for a longer period (15 days on one size instead of 5 days), varying the duration of sessions (some minutes for a new size, hours at the end of a size), using intermediate ring sizes (inserting a smaller ring inside the ring), pre-stretching the skin before inserting the ring (with fingers or some minutes with a smaller ring)… basically avoiding pain and any kind of irritation.

    I would stop all your aggressive washing and creams, to keep only creams designed to soothe the skin (scar reducing based on essential oils), not fight bacteria. Stop anything that can risk irritation.

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      so you are saying that you changed ring sizes every 5 days when you were younger?

      i call bs

      i swear to god f** boomers…

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      Uh what? From the Phimocure website:

      > After 3 – 4 days of the above (or when you do not feel a stretch), it is now necessary to move up to the next size ring with the same procedure, and again every 3 – 4 days, providing that the increased size is comfortable.


      So a new ring size every 5 days is entirely possible. I just went one ring size up in 3 days?

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      i needed 2-3 weeks just to move from a ring size 9 to ring size 10

      they are wrong

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      It can be different for everyone, but no, they ain’t lying. Moving up a size every 5 days is totally possible.

      Maybe you are using the rings wrong or are just unlucky.

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    Is a tear literally a tear in the foreskin?


    I just noticed a little red line on my foreskin. Is that a tear or the beginning of a tear?

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    Going Forward

    Is it around the foreskin? if so the little red line is the beginning of a tear. ASK ME HOW I KNOW….. I got one and ignored it and kept going up and it turned into about 270-degree tear that I had to stop with rings and let it cure… I am astounded at how fast any gains are lost in a healing situation like this….


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      How long did the healing take?


      I have stopped because I have the beginning of a tear. Fucking phimosis. I’m getting so close to just getting a circumcision.

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    Read the post entitled  “moving from ring one”  and read about the Killian nasal speculum with the set screw. This may be a route for you to take. Don’t get cut. I draws scrotum skin and pubic skin outward tightly when you get erect and strains the glans when the skin is tight upon erection. It is not good. Look up circumcision damage on the net. You may not want that. Just persevere and it will get sorted out.

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