Do I have frenulum breve?

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    Hi, wondering if I have frenulum breve and/or tight foreskin as I can pull my foreskin back over the head when erect but only just over as shown in the first picture, trying to pull any further down can be uncomfortable and generally feels tight everywhere

    Thank You

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    Mate that looks exactly like mine,goes over the head when erect but any further and the head pulls down,I seen a urologist and they said to get a frenuloplasty.i tried stretching it for a while with no progress whatsoever.

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    It takes more that a little while. Skin will grow at a rate of about 1/4 inch per month. You must stretch it as hard as you can tolerate perhaps for several months every day when you get up and when you pee and again before bed to get the results you want. You may need to grow an inch or more of skin. letting a doctor near your unit with a knife is scary. Some report bad results from such surgery. You cant go wring with stretching and you will not risk losing feeling or a surgical complication.

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    Does it look like I have frenulum breve from the photos? I’m not sure if it’s that or just the case of foreskin being tight

    not sure which I need of them to stretch

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    When you pull your foreskin back past the head and force it down does your head bend down and is it uncomfortable?if so that’s frenulum breve and that’s what I’ve been told I have.


    Davit,I’ve been stretching it consistently for over a year with no change,I was wondering if the steroid cream you get for your foreskin would work on your frenulum?I know what your saying regarding surgery but if the stretching isn’t working and it’s causing me problems then I don’t really know what other options I have

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    It does bend down a bit when pulling back flaccid but not when erect, not sure if this is normal ?

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    I’d go to the doctor mate and get it checked out,if it was your frenulum I’m pretty sure  it would pull your head down and would feel uncomfortable if you retracted past the head itself

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    Get an assistant to help and try the frenulum tying found on the links on the top of the site. When someone else wields the needle it is way less painful and vexing. Besides the ice method of pain relief you could get some DMSO at any place that sells horse items as it relives pain also. There are also several other numbing creams and liquids on the market for tooth pain. Don’t pierce the blood vessel that is in the frenulum by going too deep. It seems that two or three ties does the trick from what I have read.

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