Do I have frenulum breve?

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      I’ve decided to make a new post instead of using the old post I had to get more visibility. Anyways I’ve been stretching my foreskin since February and so far I’ve been successful. I went from not being able to retract flaccid to being able to retract erect, masturbate and ejaculate too. I’m not concerned if I have frenulum breve or not. So when fully erect I can retract the foreskin behind the glans, but if I pull further down it kind of makes the glans tilt or change angles a bit. Some people have told me that if you can retract just behind the head you should be fine and other say it could be frenulum breve. I was wondering during the penetration of unprotected sex when you’re thrusting does the foreskin need to slide any further down the shaft or is it okay if it only sit behind the glans like its fine to leave it like that?


      I’ve actually snapped some pictures. I don’t want to post them here because I want to be able to delete them later. The imgur album link below show flaccid, erect and erect pulling the foreskin down a bit. Does this look like frenulum breve?


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      Hey r1cky. That’s good to hear. I went from pinhole to full retraction while flaccid/erect with liube but my phimotic ring is still there and I still have an hourglass… I’ve been lazy with stretching zzz


      anyways, regarding the frenulum breve (by the way your pic wont open) I have the same thing. my head tilts down just slightly on full retraction but the main thing is, if it doesn’t cause any pain that means that it’s fine. Mine causes no pain.


      If it causes pain then stretch stretch stretch as often as possible.


      Keep on stretching the frenulum if it’s something that concerns you even if there’s no pain though.


      you can see the stretch here:


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      You should be fine as if.

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