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    Hi I’m a 24 year old male I’ve had phimosis for about 6 year now.

    I have it bad no retraction soft or hard. I don’ have pin hold but it’ a very small opening like 1mm.

    I’ve treated for yeast for 3 weeks then started stretching but I was getting little cuts not sure if trying to stretch too fast or I also have a white ring at the top of my foreskin and on the head itself.

    Just wondering if anyone can help me get a plan of action. I have the phimocure kit, steroid cream and thrush cream.

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    Have you had a dr look at it. The white ring concerns me. It could be BXO. If it is, you need a prescription steroid to treat it. Get it checked.

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    It’ not itchy or painfully or anything like that more like loss of pigment but I do have steroid cream.

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    There are many different steroids, so don’t start using something without knowing whar it does. It would be best to get a dignosis.

    Have you tried thrush cream

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    As I’m only able to outside the thrush cream did lessen the white on the foreskin

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    You can use a Q-tip to apply it inside.

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