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      Hello guys,

      Great news! I managed to retract my foreskin while flaccid for the first time in the shower a couple days ago, my foreskin sitting just below my glans. I’m 20 so it happened better late than never! Atm I can only retract it with hot water while flaccid at a slowish to medium speed I reckon. No way I can do it whilst dry yet.

      What I’m wondering is over time with more and more practice, will I be able to retract it faster so it slides across, will it feel more natural (foreskin sliding easier) than it does now? Will I eventually be able to retract fully whilst erect through practicing?

      It was tricky to get a good enough set of images to show my progress, I was wondering if my frenulum is slightly too short or whether this is just as a result of me just starting retraction at all. Does my frenulum tend to one side or is it normal? Also finally, my foreskin bunching up is it normal, it doesn’t feel painful but it’s not perfectly smooth yet as it should be, the process of retraction I mean.

      I’m curious hence all these questions, this feels like a significant breakthrough for me and I’m glad I never had to get circumcised.


      Flaccid retraction images

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      I’m not that far ahead of you and retracted for the first time about 6 months ago. At first it was very tight, slow to retract and even got stuck behind the glans several times for a few seconds. With continued stretching it will become easier and faster to retract. Eventually you will be able to retract erect as well.

      I’m not an expert on frenulum length, but it looks fine to me. Some other people may be able to offer their opinion.

      The foreskin bunching is normal and would always happen to me at first. I found once the opening was widened a bit more it would slide more easily instead of bunching, especially if it was lubricated.

      Patuence and consistency are the recurring themes on this forum. If you’ve made it this far then you’re almost done.

      How long has it taken you to get to this point? What is your stretching method?

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      I just randomly decided to pull back further than I ever did prior to last Monday. I never stretched too much before, I didn’t want to risk damaging the foreskin or frenulum or anything.

      My method is just to pull back as far as possible whilst erect, which is not far enough to go below the glans yet but I can see a fair amount of my meatus just fine whilst erect. So you’re saying I should try stretching the opening wide whilst flaccid? Does my frenulum also need straightening naturally via more stretching?

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      Hey Gurpal,

      If you are making progress with your current method of stretching and it’s working for you, then keep it up. I use the two finger stretch, and that works for me. I can also feel the tight band and concentrate my stretch to that area.

      Every time I’ve hit a milestone, from first retraction to first erect retraction it’s because I pushed it just a little bit harder. Feeling tension is ok, but you shouldn’t feel pain.

      I don’t think your frenulum is short. I was having the same doubt about my own but after retracting I realize the frenulum is working fine. I don’t think having a perfectly straight frenulum is an issue for you either. If you start having pain from frenulum tension then it may be time to consider stretching that too. But until that happens, I would leave it alone.


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