foreskin adherence?

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      As a young adult I realized I had being suffering from a phimosis probably from many years. Several months of stretching did the trick though.

      Except I realized after that my head was starting to tilt badly to the left when pulling my foreskin back. I thought a few years would help to loosen the skin but to no avail.

      It seems that I am suffering from adherence between the head and the shaft of the penis, maybe even “skin bridges”. I may or may not be also suffering from a short frenulum but I can’t even say.

      I’m sure everything is a consequence of my long-lasting phimosis but I would rather avoid any kind of surgeries in that area…

      Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I would appreciate if you could take a look at these pictures and give me your opinion.

      Do you think something can be done without involving surgery? The skin does look completely fused :/

      Thank you for your help!

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      You can try separating the adhesion by pulling on both sides of the point of adhesion. Often this is successful, but it takes time and could cause some bleeding.

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      Thanks for your reply. I have been trying to do so but I have no idea how much pulling strength I have to apply?It rapidly gets painful, especially since I can’t see a clear point of adhesion

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      Try rolling the skin back and forth laterally to determine that point. The foreskin is a double layer which feels squishy.  Tension should be applied to the treshhold of pain.

      Your alternative is a visit to the doctor to have it surgically separated. That won’t be fun.

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