Foreskin is physically fused to glans

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      As the title says, my foreskin is physically fused to the glans. Might be a skin bridge/adhesion, not really sure. I’m not talking about the frenulum but rather a separate piece of connective conjoined skin, and this fusion is only on the right side of the frenulum – the left side is totally fine and normal.

      Is anyone else familiar with this and will stretching work or do I need some kind of surgery on this? I can’t seem to find much online about this at all so not really sure. Basically I feel like my foreskin never detached as it was supposed to in early childhood so my issue is slightly different to what others are facing phimosis wise.

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      It might rake some time, but separation is usually possible. It’s done by applying firm pressure at the point of attachment. Spreading some Vaseline over loosened area prevents reattachment.

      You can locate the adhesion by pinching your foreskin closed while you pee. Wher there is no ballooning, it’s stuck.

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