Foreskin opening width

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    Hi guys,

    I am happy to say I am finally able to retract to see my glans when erect! However, I can only do so while lubed atm to provide less friction. Will I eventually be able to retract erect without lube naturally as I practice doing it with lube?

    Also, my foreskin seems to be slightly tighter on one side, the pic below will show that is my LHS of the glans. Will I need to stretch the width of my foreskin opening to fix this minor issue? Will I need to do this while flaccid?

    I pointed it out because I have to slightly squeeze my foreskin so it rolls back over my erect glans, it isn’t quite sliding over smoothly and easily yet. Also, the foreskin sits somewhat tightly beneath the glans, it doesn’t have that “extra space”.


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    Everything will eventually resolve as you continue your regimen. Good work so far!

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