Frenulum breve or phimosis?

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    Hi guys, I’m new here and posting something personal like this for the first time. I’m 18 years old and I’ve never been able to fully retract my foreskin past the glans with ease like normal guys. I can however retract enough to expose my meatus. However, it has always been redder than the rest of my glans and it seems as if my frenulum is attached to my meatus, is this normal? I can also only retract this far once I lube enough which is unusual because I thought that is the foreskin’s purpose? I cannot retract far enough to tell if I have frenulum breve or not but I feel that is the case. I have a pic which I hope is useful:


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    Hey dude,

    from your picture it is quite hard to tell if you have a Frenulum breve, but if this is the furthest you can retract your foreskin, you’ll certainly have Phimosis.

    In any case it is good that you are doing your research here for a remedy. Try to do regular exercises on your foreskin to loosen it up as per Once you’ve done well on this and you can retract you’ll also see if your Frenulum is too short or not.

    In any way don’t let any doctor convince you you’ll need to get your foreskin removed! Please do the stretching, be consistent and you will have a wonderfully working penis soon.

    Any questions, let us know.

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    I concur with marsilarsi. I further suggest that you exercise the opening four times per days, 5-10 minutes each time. The methods recommeded by Dr Elastic are proven to be effective, and they lead to a permanent solution.

    The attachment of your frenulum looks normal and the red color is also normal, as everything inside the foreskin is actually mucous membrane, just as is your mouth and all other body orifices.

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      Thanks for the advice guys however my main worry with stretching is in the past, my foreskin has seemed to “roll” or fold back in on itself. This is while being erect. How would I prevent this from happening? I’m also afraid of paraphimosis if that occurs.

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    If it doesn’t pull back smoothly you have more work to do.

    Paraphimosis is overrated. If it goes down, it will come up.

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    Ok I’ve noticed that my frenulum seems to curl to the side?? When I retract my foreskin over this part, I become kinda flaccid. Here is a picture to show what I mean. Would stretching also cure this “curl”? It’s near the top of the opening and it seems to be interfering with my foreskin.


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