Frenulum stretching

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      Frenulum stretching

      Hi, great to see someone helping regarding these issues. If it isn’t for the internet I would never know that there is something like “frenulum breve”. I am not circumcised and I thought short frenulum is part of not being circumcised. Oh well, now I know! Few days ago I found about it browsing through some pages about circumcision and then subsequently searched for all the resources about it. Now I am sincerely asking for advice here because I feel you guys have the right thing on your mind. Once I realized my problem can be corrected with frenuloplasty I decided to schedule appointment with Urologist ASAP. Now day later I realize that stretching can be better solution if it works. I don’t want to be operated down there because I’ve had some bad experiences when it comes to surgeries. I am still going to see Urologist tomorrow however I am not going to make any decision fast and will certainly give stretching the chance. For the past few years I was stretching it while masturbating even though I never knew anything about this. It did stretch and now I would need just a bit more.
      I wasn’t sexually active until recently, however once I started having sex with my girl is was really painfull. It didn’t rip however it is extremely painfull and extremely sensitive therefore I am not being to last even half a minute. Anyway, my question is regarding some kind of creme that I’ve read you can apply to help stretching. What kind is it and do I need prescription? Should I ask my urologist for it? Does urologist even know about stretching exercises? I didn’t read through this forum so please let me know any pages that describe how to most effectively stretch. Also do you have any suggestions how so slightly decrease frenulum sensitivity?
      Well that’s it for now. Hopefully someone replies.


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      No need for any surgery

      It’s really doubtful that your urologist will have any clue about stretching, even though skin expansion techniques are quite regularly and commonly used throughout the medical field. His motivation will naturally be to use his skills he has honed over the time spent in school, residency and practice, namely to cut.

      My suggestion is to start exercising the tight area immediately, and to do so several times per day. Every time you pee, you already have your penis in hand, so take a few seconds to do what is in this picture:

      Ask the doctor to prescribe betamethasone 0.05 ointment. It isn’t absolutely vital, but it should make the resistant little frenulum cooperate more easily.

      You must be persistant about not wanting any cuts made on your penis. These guys usually will tell you that stretching will not work, or that the frenulum will not respond, but they have big car payments to make, so you can understand the motivation.

      Your sensitivity will change over the years as you use your equipment more often.

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      Thank you Jim

      Unfortunatelly, I’ve already had a bad experience with a butcher/surgeon who had to make his yearly quota of about couple million bucks therefore I don’t trust those guys one bit nor would I give them to operate on me without long and thorough thought.
      I thought about frenuloplasty however by the time my thing heals I am sure I can have similar results with stretching exercises therfore I will give it a try beginning tomorrow.
      My only question to you is how do I ask him for this ointment? What is it usually prescribed for? Is there something similar that doesn’t require prescription?

      Anyway, thank you one more time for your response. I really appreciate it.

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      No problem man

      The ointment is generally prescribed for this exact use.

      Read this article:

      It’s a steroid, but not all steroids are alike, so you can’t get results from those over the counter.

      As I said before, you can actually do all the stretching without the ointment. I must tell you that it won’t happen overnight, but within a few days, you should notice a little progress. A friend of mine got his problem solved within about two months.

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      Paul B.

      Easy peasey

      > Read this article:

      That’s a beautiful study, Jim, particularly the part which states:
      The researchers found that “all the patients with persistent or recurrent phimosis were found to be noncompliant with the suggested daily foreskin care.”

      In other words, if it didn’t work, it was clearly because they couldn’t be bothered doing the stretching. Doesn’t that resonate just so well with our “knocker(s)” on the other site?

      Note that the study quoted refers to phimosis, but the situation with fraenulum breve is identical. The picture Jim has used, is not actually someone intending to stretch the fraenulum, but rather simply displaying the foreskin and fraenulum. It is the manoeuver which matters, only one hand is needed to stretch, and this can be done without taking the penis out of your trousers, whilst sitting around doing – whatever!

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