Frenulum tear

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      After suffering with bxo and phimosis for many years, I managed to finally reach a point last year where I could have full penetrative sex without pain or discomfort. However last week, I was trying some more adventurous sex with my girlfriend and I managed to tear my frenulum. It was a bit of a shock as it was pouring blood out everywhere but it eventually stopped and left a big purple bruise around the area.

      A week on and the bruising has gone down but there’s what appears to be a little hole or tear in the frenulum. I’m wondering if this will heal naturally, I can pull my foreskin back when fully erect, albeit when done carefully with no pain or discomfort, But I dare not pull it back any further to the point where it starts tugging on the frenulum.

      Just want to know if this will clear up on its own with time and how long it might take?




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      It will heal in short order, but the same thing could happen again. Stretching should help to lengthen the little rascal.

      How did you overcome the BXO? What about curing phimosis?  Are you still working on the tightness?

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