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      Hi altogether,

      I would like to give you some information on an operational method that lengthens the Frenulum in cases of a Frenulum breve in the least invasive way.
      Now don’t get me wrong, I would like to point out that this forum is about stretching first and foremost. Be patient, do you stretching and you will see results. If you haven’t tried stretching before, stop reading here and just do it.

      Nevertheless, for those who have made up their mind on doing a Frenuloplasty for whatever reason (laziness, no effort, tearing) this post might be of good use.

      Let me tell you what Frenulum tying is and why I’d highly suggest doing this over a Frenuloplasty.
      With Frenulum tying one will sting a needle with a clean yarn through your Frenulum and you will make a very tight knot.

      What will happen over a weeks time, the knot will slowly cut through your Frenulum and will eventually have made it wider. The chance of scars is very minimal as the procedure is a slow process and the body can adapt to it much easier than via a cut.
      It is also very important that you rinse it with warm water 3 times a day to keep the skin subtle and the knot can make its way through much easier.

      I am not recommending you do it yourself, although you probably could with a clean environment, but definitely speak to your urologist about it that he should do it.

      As mentioned before, you can sting through your Frenulum at whatever “depth” you want and there is no bleeding at all involved. Also be aware that you might be even able to see where your artery goes through your Frenulum by looking at it from the side with a backlight and then you can make the sting away from the artery.

      To make this a bit more clearer I have attached images from this huge thread, where everything is explained in more detail:


      Another thread on Reddit:

      Other source:

      I really hope I can turn you away from Frenuloplasty, as someone who had it himself I can tell you it is giving you more problems.

      Please ask any questions.

      Take care

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      Could you please tell us what happened with your frenuloplasty and why it went wrong? How was it before and after? Was it a botched op, or did it heal badly? What kind of procedure did they use (where they cut etc.)?


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      So as I understand it, although the frenuloplasty was successful and freed up your foreskin fully, you’ve had a total loss of sensation, making it hard for you to orgasm?

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        Yes, apparently this is what happens. I cannot add anything more.

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        Hey marsi, how have you been doing with your mental health issues associated with your frenulum issue?

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        Hey Gary,
        not sure what would be an accurate description of my feelings. It’s been a year now since I had the Frenuloplasty and I can certainly say I’m not suffering as much as before. It has become some sort of “hm I don’t care” attitude.
        What I did not do but advise to everyone, if you suffer go to a therapist. Sex is so much psychological!
        I appreciate you asking. Any questions I am happy to answer.

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        Thats good to hear that it is getting better. I have depression now because of my messed up foreskin. When the retarded urologist convinced me to do the partial circumcision and I got the shitty results, i was really depressed. Like I couldnt function normally out in the real world. My functioning was about a 3/10. Now I can function normally in the real world at like a 7/10.

        I haven’t seen a therapist, I just talk to my parents and sister. At first I couldnt even sleep but atleast i can sleep now so….Depression sucks but i’ll keep going

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      Unfortunately I recognised that the huge forum where this technique has been discussed was closed for to me unknown reasons. That’s a shame because it has loads of useful information. My brainpower might be able to pass them on, so in case you have any further questions, let me know.

      Greets, Marsi

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      Okay so for 3 years I have struggled with tares around my foreskin after sex. It got that I would avoid sex for a time. When I did I would get tares so avoid it again. Masturbation had to be “adapted” being uncut I used to be able to masturbate with my foreskin but over the past few years I’ve had to resort to literally rubbing one off. Very little movement in my foreskin and it will be painful when I try.

      I have spent some time trying stretching using stretching rings but I can only get so far until the larger ring wouldn’t stay in place due to my frenulum getting in the way. I have noticed my frenulum and the tissue around it is thick and white which I believe is causing my foreskin to be tight. I can’t work out if it’s scar tissue or callused from the rubbing action during masturbation.

      So after a couple of weeks of reading I have bit the bullet and tied my frenulum. I tried last weekend with a sterilised sewing needle but it wasn’t up to the job. I’ve also been trying to work out what to use to numb the area. As I find it’s very sensitive and painful.

      I resorted to a combination of ambesol a lidocain based tooth and gum soother and a benzocain throat spray. I also bought some suture and thread of Amazon. They say for student and practice but come sterilised in individual packets.

      So it is a weird feeling sticking a needle through my own private area but I tattoo myself so I’m not all that squeemish. I’ve started off with a stitch fairly close to the glands. I’m not going to rush the process and will need to do the process 2 or 3 times I think but I will see in a week or so.

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      • Tied mine tonight with a sewing needle, no type of numbing stuff to be had….all I did was squeeze my knob and through it went. More of a sting than pain. Tea Tree Oil on the knot, forezkin back over the glans. Now an hour later, sitting watching TV with a dull throb under my dick head. Oh well 7 days to go and it’ll be done!!
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