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    I have been stretching for a while now, and I’m now able to expose my glans fully with an erection (however I have to pull the foreskin down manually with *some* force to do so).


    However, I have a thick white ring that is thick (although it doesn’t seem as thick as the beginning and seems to start peeling off). Is this something that would prevent me from having success treating my phimosis? Here is a photo of the white ring (sorry for the quality): 


    Finally, by looking at my frenulum and comparing to what’s common, I’m a little concerned so here is a picture: 


    Is this a normal frenulum breve situation?


    Thanks a lot!

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    The second picture looks quite confusing to me. I don’t see where glans is and from which angle the picture is taken. Maybe uploading another one would be helpful?

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    Here is another picture of where the frenulum is (although I don’t find it remotely similar to any other frenulum I’ve seen…)


    The angle of the picture was from underneath.

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    It seems like because of your underlying phimosis the frenulum is quite tight and because of that barely visible. I’m certain when you keep on stretching it will slowly become more loose and visible.
    Also make sure you check for yeast as this white ring indicates it could be yeast which tightens even more. Hang in there and things become gradually better!

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    If you make progress, don’t worry about the color.

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    I understand I shouldn’t worry about the color, but it’s also thick skin. Really looks like some kind of scar tissue… I have been treating for yeast with clotrimazole but It’s been around 14 days now and I don’t see any progress in correcting this white *scarred* phimotic ring.

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    FYI, your doctor can prescribe an ointment with betamethasone that you apply and it will loosen the ring so that you can pull your foreskin back naturally and without pain. The ointment gets rid of the ring that causes phimosis. If there is an infection, there are mixtures of the ointment that come with antibiotics. Please don’t use this product because you are essentially creating more scar tissue that WILL NOT allow the foreskin to stretch naturally. Google it for more info. Hope this helps

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    I know about the betamethasone cream, however, my doctor says it’s not safe and is not comfortable prescribing it to me. He prescribed me triamcinoline instead but I don’t seem to make any progress with it.


    However, I don’t understand how clotrimazole can be unsafe? It has been recommended plenty of times on this forum and previous answers on this topic has suggested it might be yeast hence why I’ve been treating with clotrimazole. It’s been a while and I’m not seeing any progress so I suppose it is not due to it.

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    What he prescribed is often used for correcting phimosis, but the standard is betamethasone.  Regardless, it should be used with care.  Apply very sparingly only to the tight ring which is just inside the foreskin opening.  Rub it in completely, replace your foreskin, leaving it for several hours.  Wash your hands well after use.  This medicine should be used in conjunction with a  good stretching exercise program which you can find under links on the main page.  Follow the advice of Dr Elastic.

    Clotrimazole is perfectly safe and frequently accompanies the use of a steroid to prevent setting up a yeast infection, a common problem with using steroids.  If you take antibiotics for any reason, empty the clotrimazole for the same reason.

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    I have been using the phimocure for about a week now, and I’ve noticed that, usually, when I put the ring there is a white-yellowish discharge coming out of the urethra. I don’t know if it’s related to using the rings, because I’m not sure I would have noticed the discharge otherwise. It is very noticeable with the ring since it surrounds the urethra.


    Any idea what this could be?

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      There can sometimes be something called smegma which is white-yellowish under the foreskin. But I don’t think that is mean to come out of the urethra. Are you able to see a urologist?

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      That could take up to 6 months unfortunately. I have already been referred, but it won’t be before a long while still.

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