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      Hi all,

      I have been following this forum for a couple of years now and now my journey with it is coming to an end.

      Also please leave this thread as something productive that people can learn from rather than turning it into a circumcision debate.

      TLDR: stretched for a long time and couldn’t get results, got circumcised a couple of days ago.

      So i’m 21 and knew I had phimosis since i was probably 11 or so years old, has been the same my whole life. The opening was a couple of mm across so never got close to retracting and it would balloon up when I urinated.

      Sort of just left it when I was younger and tried to not worry about it.

      Was around 18 nearly 19 when i first decided to start stretching, main reasons was hygiene, sensation and pain. Not very fun ending up with little tears on your foreskin after sex…

      So I found this website alongside the ‘phimosis journey’ website and others, after seeing the progress that could be made from a similar beginning I was keen to get going. I started just pulling at either side of the foreskin, then using a cotton bud, then adding some plumbing tape onto it, then two cotton buds. I tried with and without a prescription steroid cream, and for me it didn’t seem to make a difference. I had been pretty dedicated with my stretching for at least 6 months however only managed to get a 12mm opening at the largest. Should also mention I was using the phimocure rings and a nasal speculum to stretch by this stage. Over the course of the next 18 months it was a little bit of gain for just as much of a setback.

      I just wasn’t getting anywhere.

      I got pretty sick of it after all of that time, minimal results, more pain than when I just left it alone and a lot of time down the drain.

      This led me into this year, about two and a bit years after starting stretching.

      Things just for some reason started to get worse, yeast infections that just wouldn’t go away. Was always itchy during the day and even just trying to clean under my foreskin I would get little tears. Even managed to tear my frenulum whilst trying to clean it, had become so fragile from the yeast infection. It was at about this stage where I just thought to myself “what the hell am i doing?”. I clearly wasn’t getting anywhere with the stretching, I felt like shit all the time because it was either painful or annoying and I didn’t want to have relationships with anyone because there was always an odour of some sort.

      So I went to a GP

      Found one in my local area around two months ago just as this COVID stuff was starting and he had a quick look and we had a chat. We talked about circumcision first and he asked if i had tried stretching. After talking to him about my past stretching experiences it was pretty obvious which route I wanted to take.

      So I have private insurance and got a referral to a urologist who has a focus on penile surgery mostly.

      About 7 weeks later it was time for the appointment; lucky for me the day before the appointment was the day elective surgeries were allowed since the beginning of COVID. He had a look and was very surprised that I had made it to 21 with relatively minimal issues. Two UTIs and a few yeast infections was basically the sum of it.

      He then said, “so this might sound a bit strange, but we can get this done today”…you will fit the criteria with current restrictions etc

      He had an opening at the end of his scheduled theatre session and I took it. He gave me some info on everything and started organising the admission. He also gave me info on possibly needing an associated scrotoplasty(i didn’t need this in the end) to stop the ‘webbing of skin’ from the scrotum when I would get an erection in the future. (purely cosmetic)

      Back to the hospital and went in at about 7:30 PM, woke up at roughly 8:30. Pain was there but after a couple of little injections I had no issues. After the overnight stay I was feeling fine and pain was at a 1 or a 2. For the next day (Day 1) i was just sort of waiting for the anaesthetic to wear off and for the pain to kick in… but it just didn’t. It just hasn’t been painful for me thankfully, paracetamol has been the only pain management i have had since.

      Unwrapped it after about 24 hours as the bandage had some dried bits of blood which were annoying me.

      I’m now at 48 hours and am relatively comfortable. The stitches are annoying but I wouldn’t say painful. Erections are uncomfortable in the morning but I haven’t had any intense tugging or pain like some people describe so i’m pretty happy. The annoyance comes from the stitches rubbing my jocks.

      To sum things up,

      I felt pretty shit about everything before the operation, lack of progress, etc. And for me it just wasn’t worth grinding through. A lot of negative opinions about circumcision really stopped me from having the operation sooner and just led me to put up with being unhappy.

      I’m not posting this to say everyone should have one because that’s just not true. Give the stretching a good go knowing that there is another option.

      I plan on updating this as my recovery continues.

      If you have questions please ask, and again, please keep this as constructive as possible.

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      Quick update:

      Day6: everything has been going well, no issues with pain and things are starting to get more comfortable on a day to day basis.

      Had my followup appointment on Day 5 and they were happy with the healing. Got told that some of the stitches would start to fall off in the next couple of days, think i’ve had one or two fall off so far.

      Also got the pathology results back and they said there was some Lichens Sclerosis present. I guess it makes sense given my lack of process but nothing to worry about now since its gone. I guess maybe learning to clean better when i was younger could have helped reduce the effects as one of the believed causes is urine trapping.

      Will update in the future as regarding to progress etc

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      LS presents the need for a different approach. The tearing you mention is indicative of a skin disorder, most commonly yeast, which you also mentioned. Yeast alone impedes progress, but once gone, progress would occur. I suspect the LS was the culprit all along, a condition treated with specific steroids. It should be overseen by a dermatologist.

      Thank you for sharing.

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      I’m sure a dermatology opinion would have helped when I was younger. I had tried some diprosone creeam which is falls under the correct potency recommended to treat LS. use over about 3-4 months didn’t seem to give me any good results. This was at about 19 years old. I agree though, multifactorial problem that needed a few things sorted.

      Seemingly circumcision is the next line of treatment and i’m just glad that I didn’t have any meatal complications from it.

      One of the few resources ive found on LS that has some decent info below

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      Thanks for sharing.

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      Another update

      Day 14, not much to report really.

      Had a bit of discomfort at day 8 or so when a small scab on my frenulum area started to mobilize, it was also connected to one of the stitches so it didn’t really just go away.

      The stitch came off today and the skin under it looks fine.

      Things are going well and i’ve been playing some light sport recently and have only had a little sensitivity that has held me back but some good support in underwear has sorted that out.

      Will check back in a bit.

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      At about a month post circumcision and unless there are any questions this is probably gonna be the last update.

      21 days in I pulled out the last few stitches and things got more comfortable after that as the last two were always rubbing in my jocks.

      Now at one month I’m back to normal, still haven’t used it for its main purpose but I don’t think I’d have any concerns.

      sensitivity has been fine. Walking around during the day I haven’t had any issues, occasionally I’ll notice extra sensations if my jocks move around but rearranging sorts it out. Back riding a motorbike and lifting weights ect so can’t complain.

      The only thing that I didn’t know about prior to the operation would be what would happen to the veins that would be cut. I noticed a small lump on the top and bottom side of my penis which are basically where the veins were cut. Like any scarring sort of process they have been getting smaller with time.

      All in all, I’m glad I made the decision, things have been going well and it’s hard to put a price on being happy and feeling a bit more normal each day. Little things like being able to pee in a straight line. It all add up.
      I guess I just started this thread so people know that it’s an option and it doesn’t mean you have failed in any way with stretching.

      good luck to all


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