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      Well, I have time on my hands and after throwing one phimosis kit away, it seems I can now spend time, alone, to wear a ring at a time to suit me. Let’s see what happens eh? Wish me luck.

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      Same here! I threw mine away about a year ago. I received my 2nd kit 4 days ago. Im 3 days in. I forgot how the first stretch makes the foreskin a little sore afterwords lol. Good luck to both of us!

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      Hi RB.

      Kit arrived today and will be starting tomorrow. Be interesting to hear of our joint progress.

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      Well, Day 1 – inc got myself some Hydrocortisone 1% cream.

      I’ve got Phimocure and, to be honest, I don’t need the small ones. If you take a UK £2 coin – that’s the size of ring I started with today – around 28mm wide – and I think I potentially only need to get around 10mm of stretch of my phimotic ring to be able to get my foreskin over my glans where I want it.

      Had a hour with the ring in, didn’t feel too uncomfy after some intial working it out and putting it back in once.

      Here’s to tomorrow!

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      If the ring stays in, keep using it till it falls out.

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