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    So I just got Phimocure a few days ago and I’ve been having some trouble putting the rings in. Every time I place one in, the ring either unfolds outward and pops out.

    And if I do manage to to get the ring in than some skin gets trapped inside the ring, which I think leaving it like that defeats the purpose of wearing the ring. Some times I can adjust the ring and bring the skin back on the outside , but it doesn’t always work, making me take it back out and leading me back to the first problem.

    Only time I can put a ring with little issue is if I use a little lube, but then the skin tends slowly go inside the work, which I’m pretty sure we don’t want.

    Am I using a ring thats too big? Currently I’ve beeb trying to use ring 3 and 4, the rings prior to that seem too small, and even rings 3 and 4 seem small as I don’t really feel the stretch.

    I must really suck at life, because the Phimocure rings have been more of a hassle than I thought they would be. I’m getting pretty close to giving up and just living with my Phimosis.

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    You just have to stick to it until you get it right. Mine pops out, doesn’t sit right, doesn’t open right etc but I just kept doing it.

    Havn’t used mine in weeks though.

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      Yeah I know. But dude this morning I was at it for an hour just trying to get it in, before my thumb an index finger got really tired from holding the folded ring. I got so frustrated I just gave up after trying to get it in for another 15 mins.

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      Have you checked out drelastic.com for alternatives?

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    Ok that is too long to be trying haha. It’s hard to offer advice when you can’t see how you’re doing it and how tight you’re foreskin is.

    When I was using mine, I’d have mine in within a few min.

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      I’m sure I’m doing something wrong. But I’m just following the instructions that come with the set.

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    Have you tried putting a ring in after a shower when the skin is a bit more loose? the lube is a good idea but it probably makes it easier for it to pop out.


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      I actually have not tried putting one in aftet a shower yet. But yeah depending on how much oil I use it will slowly pop out.

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    I feel bad cause I think it was me who recommended them to you? I think you should keep trying, if you get it in right a few times you will get the hang of it.

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      Its not your fault man. I was gonna buy them at some point anyway.

      Maybe I’ll try dropping down a size for now, but I really don’t think I’ll be getting much from dropping a size.

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    Hi I have these rings too. One thing be noticed is they lose their resistance to snap into a circle. Is this normal after 5 uses. All the unused unbended rings have strong elasticity. It becomes hard to make them work because they aren’t flexing outwards to expand into a circle no more


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    Read the message entitled … Moving from ring one  …. and read about the Killian Nasal Speculum. You stretch with it and then just put in  ring to maintain the opening but not stretch it. If the Killian  does not expand enough just place some rubber tubing over the blades and it will stretch to a larger opening. This will promote skin growth when you just put in a ring to maintain the opening but not stretch it. .

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