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    I am having trouble with the rings. Ring 6 goes in behind perfectly without needing to fold the ring, and stays in.

    I tried ring 7 folded, and it was really awkward and kept coming out.

    I have used ring 7 for a while but I feel it has never 100% been behind the ring and was just stretching the skin.

    Should I stay with ring 6?

    I don’t feel any tension but I don’t want to waste my time if I’m not ready for 7.

    I also think I have a short skin at my tip which might make the ring expansion more difficult.

    Please advise.


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    One other thing. Can I pull the skin back, let the ring sit on the head, then release the skin to cover the ring?

    I find this an easier way.

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    Also, does anyone put a ring in then make themselves erect to improve the stretching?

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    So I just manged to get the first ring in. I basically don’t feel anything. Is that a good thing? It’s stuck inside, like it isn’t dropping out.. so I guess it provides a big enough stretch? Should I feel a stretch or is no feeling okay? The second ring really is impossible to get in for me.

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    You fold the ring, pull the foreskin back, place the ring on the tip, roll the skin on the ring and release the ring if you can

    there should be no pain


    you could try burying the ring underneath the actual tight phimosis ring where skin is looser, and then try to pull the foreskin back but still if it hurts you are probably not ready for the bigger ring

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