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      Arisen problem I’m keeping an eye on but I had to hold off on masturbation earlier as I felt a sore sensation (almost as if a tear) around the mid-section of my shaft, poking it from the outside below seemed to trigger discomfort too.

      I held off, a couple hours later went to urinate but noticed my foreskin isn’t sitting so tightly around the glans, it’s a little misshapen around the ‘tip’ and the veins look like they’re swollen on top of the shaft.

      Is this potentially me having torn the frenulum? It isn’t painful when I’m just sat here, but trying to angle to urinate or manipulate it at all renders things kind of tender/sore, and I wasn’t really alarmed until I saw my foreskin sitting differently.


      I haven’t begun with any exercises yet to actually cure phimosis for reference.

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