Help, i’m scared by my phimosis progression

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    Hi again,

    i have been able to retract my foreskin most of the way in the shower for a week or so now and i cleaned most of the smegma off in that week, well that’s what i thought. however, today i pulled it a little further then usual and saw a lot more left on the part of the top of the head right on the glans. i attempted to clean it however, my foreskin folded over and i was panicking as i couldn’t get it up. i got it up eventually. it wasn’t painful so i’m not sure why it folded over and didn’t just slide down?
    shall i just leave it until it’s more stretched?

    Please help, i’m scared to retract it incase it gets stuck and folds.

    Thank you

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    this is me retracting it to the point where it won’t show the smegma, it doesn’t hurt at all or feel tight but I’m scared it will fold over. The box I have drawn is where the smegma is and where it gets stuck

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    Smegma is a harmless substance that is a mixture of skin oils, moisture, and cast off skin cells.  It has been accumulating under your foreskin since birth and has done no harm.  You can leave it there a while longer.

    You are properly concerned about your still tight foreskin slipping behind the head and getting stuck.  For now you need to concentrate on continuing your stretching to further loosen it.  You ultimate goal should be to have a foreskin that glides smoothly back and forth.


    Paraphimosis is the name for the condition of having the foreskin stuck behind the glans penis. If it is too tight it may cut off circulation and cause edema of the foreskin.


    You need to bring your foreskin forward. You do that by squeezing the head between thumb and forefinger as hard as you can to get the blood out, then working the foreskin forward.


    If you can’t do that, then you need to go to the emergency room.


    You will need to stretch your foreskin to widen the narrow tip, so that it will glide smoothly back and forth.





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      thank you sososo much bucky. i think i’ll leave it until it’s even looser!

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    My recommendation is to continue your full retraction attempts. You’ve already learned that your foreskin won’t get stuck.  The smegma will wait.

    The Network 54 site is basically dead and is still only for reference. All posts on there have been moved here, so there’s really no need for the old site any longer. A flaw in programming prevents me from approving any inquiries to Network 54, so any new posts are thereby rendered  exercises in futilty.

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      Thank you Jim! i’ve also just got the phimocure kit which will hopefully come in handy. i do 2/3 5 minute sessions a today and then the phimocure ring for half an hour at night

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