How bad is my phimosis?

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    This is the first time i’m posting anywhere about this. After reading a lot about it, i’m sure that i suffer from phimosis and i have no idea how bad it is.
    I dont know if it’s curable just by stretching or i would require medical attention.

    Anyway this seems like the forum to get to know that.
    Here is the link to 2 photos of my willy

    I never knew this but after reading i’m pretty sure i suffer fromĀ frenulum breve too.
    I’m scared and i dont know what to do.

    Please note that i’m unableĀ to put two fingers inside my foreskin for stretching.


    Any help is appreciated.
    Thank you.

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    Grasp the edges of your foreskinand pull apart. Do this 4 times a day, 5 min each.

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      i have started using this cream betamethasone 1.0
      will it be better if i do it 2 times and apply the cream afterwards?

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    Stretching four times is better. The purpose of multiple sessions is to keep the skin relaxed. Stretching is actually breaking down the cohesive nature of the skin cells, encouraging new cells to be created. The longer time between session causes a minor loss of some previous work. Frequent sessions cause the skin to grow. Apply the cream after stretching.

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    BTW, the cream is meant to be applied only to the tight ring, not the entire foreskin. Use very little and rub it in completely. Wash your hands after application. Most doctors recommend limiting its use to 2-3 weeks to two months. You can ask your doctor about that.

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