How does my phimosis look?

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    I’ve been slowly stretching it over years, and now it’s at a point where I’m not 100% happy yet (i want the skin to easily slide over the glans , right now it bunches up as seen in pic 2).

    Do I have frenulum breve?

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    frenulum breve

    Here is a photo of my frenulum breve. I am not sure if I would describe what you have as frenulum breve or not, but it appears much better than what I had (recently had frenuloplasty)

    I think the important things to consider are. Is there any discomfort during sex? And do you think the foreskin slides up and down over the glans/head during sex?

    Also, have you tried any stretching of the frenulum? I found mine difficult to stretch but I think you can get a little more length by targeting it when stretching.

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    John, it looks to me that you do not have phimosis or frenulum breve.  Ok, so you might see some “bunching up” but that is fine.  Keep stretching if you want the skin to slide more easily.

    Frenulum breve forces the penis to bend down when erect.   Your erection is straight as a rod.  Nothing to worry about.

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    Hi John,

    a little late to the party but to me it looks totally fine. No frenulum breve whatsoever. If the bunching up skin is annoying you keep stretching it even more.

    All the best!

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    Your frenulum and your foreskin look perfectly normal.

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    I agree it looks reasonable. What exactly do you mean by bunching? Do you mean when the foreskin is retracted and you go to put it back, the foreskin will bunch up a little bit before it passes the ridge of the glans? This is what I am experience at the moment, I think this will be resolved by more stretching.

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    Barely started being concerned about it an looking up different help or techniques now I’m trying to stretch or see a Dr depending on how bad it looks

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      1. just wondering if anyone has opinions for me or how it looks by the way I’m 22
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    You don’t need a doctor.  Check out the link to Dr Elastic’s page and start doing the stretching.  Your condition is fairly mild and easily cured.

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      It took a lot of sex to get it stretched this far because I never tried stretching but inside her my head kept coming out because of the wetness coming off her so I noticed my head was able to come out now   and idk if that nerve is to short to go farther or if it’s alright to keep going also the skin doesn’t retract I have to pinch my glans after sex to pull the skin back over I have no other people to talk to about this or other penis to compare

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    How bad was your phimosis to begin with?

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      I could barely see the tip of the head

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    Does it hurt, it looks like you’re getting there but slowly. Mine doesn’t retract that much.

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    When it’s real lubed up from her juices inside her I don’t feel any pressure because it’s all lubed up and slides over the head like nothing as for dry masturbation it feels tight over the head I don’t regularly masturbate with lube unless in the shower it’s mostly just dry so I don’t know how that would feel and any possible pictures from you to compare? How is it for you?

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      Marc, refer to the Dr Elastic site which is linked from the home page.  You can fix the tightness very easily with stretching exercises. No pain and no cutting.

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