How I’m curing my phimosis!

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      So tonight I decided to clean my penis thoroughly I try to do this once a week due to phimosis it’s harder to clean the insides So I use a long cue tip like the ones you see in doctor offices. what I did was clean the insides the foreskin around the tip then I realized my foreskin was starting to stretch a lil more then usual. I was excited and I was trying to pull my skin down slowly around my penis it is very sensitive but I can’t feel a lot of my body  due to nerve damage so it doesn’t hurt but is uncomfortable but that’s another story. So I begin pulling back little by little feeling it stretch more and more I didn’t slam it all at once please don’t do this. Try treating it as if you are masterbating  so I would pull up and down making the skin stretch around the head of my penis i then got close to the end of pulling it down took me about 10 min to get it that far then I began holding like a exercise keep it down there making sure I’m not over doing it due to skin so tight you don’t want to hurt your penis at all. Then I let go then went all the way back down making it easier each time by the end of it i was able to pull it down with ease I cleaned my penis thoroughly as now it is easier and I rubbed cocoa butter on the tip and around the foreskin so it can feel smooth and go down easier remember to rub it in well you don’t want it just sitting there. I’m gonna try to do this during showers and at night as An exercise so it won’t go back to its original state. I hope this helps someone I didn’t explain it well as I suck at teaching but I hope you can get the idea and I can save someone besides myself from this terrible fate.

      (Just a note this is super uncomfortable for the first part if you aren’t used to your tip being out at all like I have been for the past 21 years of my life it is highly uncomfortable and sensitive.)

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