How long does it take to stretch foreskin?

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    How long does it take to stretch foreskin?


    I’m a 26 year old adult with phimosis. I read a lot of posts on this forum about 3 months back and ever since then I have been doing the skin stretching exercise since the orifice is too small to fit two fingers inside. I hold the tip and extend it as far as I can and as wide as I can before it starts to pain – not so much from the stretch as it is from the tight hold with the fingers to stretch it wide. I also try to pull the foreskin back but it doesn’t retract past about 1/2 inch x 1/2 inch of visible glans head.

    Now the thing is, I have been doing this for about 20 minutes a day for the past three months, and I see almost no improvement. I still can’t fit two fingers inside the orifice and I still can’t retract it past 1/4th of the glans.

    What am I doing wrong? Does the method actually work? Or should I resort to circumcision and do away with the pain?


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    Lifetime of pain

    Don’t cave in man. There is only a downside to circumcision. Just get the idea out of your head.

    When you attempt stretching, are you actually causing tension upon the little ring near the opening? If not, you need to do that. Pulling back will do next to nothing. You must stretch that ring.

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    Re: Lifetime of pain


    Are you referring to the orifice itself? If yes, I think I am doing it (pulling it side to side) along with pulling it away from the body as instructed in one of the posts I read. The main problem is that pulling it side to side to stretch the ring is painful after a point since I have to pinch harder to make sure they don’t slip off as I stretch it more. So I guess I am maybe not doing as much stretch as I should because it is painful to do too much? How much pain is normal?

    Thanks again.

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    Paul B.

    Simply the wrong approach.

    The problem with using the illustration Jim cites as an actual means of stretching, is that the part you tend to grip, is not the actual tight part.

    You really must understand it as nothing more than a preliminary to the actual stretching. What it does do, is to form the foreskin into a nice un-wrinkled “funnel” down which as you hold it, you can successfully pass something – generally a finger, though you can possibly use another suitable smooth – and lubricated – “torpedo”-shaped object such as a marker pen with a rounded rear end, or the cap end of same.

    Generally, a finger is the most suitable, and ready “to hand”. wink.gif Whichever finger you can then get down the “funnel” and through the narrow region, will stretch that region without causing problems to any other part. And once you have the finger through the narrow part (so that it rests beside the glans), you can just leave it resting there.

    Once whichever finger (or object) you are using is no longer a tight fit (generally over a period of some days of repeated stretching sessions), you determine a larger finger until when it is actually the thumb you are using, it will be possible to fit in the tips of your two little fingers together. And so it goes. Once you get to two index fingers, you start “levering” them apart as you bend the fingers with your knuckles together. As that gets looser, you can then add another finger to take up the space, and so on.

    Your cursory reference to circumcision suggests that you really have no idea what circumcision means, do you?

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    I am completely lost.

    I tried reading what you said 3-4 times and I am still not able to understand (or more accurately, picture) what you have said. Any chance there is a pictorial reference/illustration for what you have mentioned?

    I would really like to get it to work but it has been another month since I posted the original question and still find no improvement at all (at ~20 minutes a day!).


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    Adapt to your anatomy

    Are you able to get two fingers inside the opening? If so, put them in deeply enough to be able to stretch the little tight ring inside. It’s no more complicated than that.

    I’m going to lock this thread for purposes of managing the site efficiently, so please post on the front page and refer back to this post by pasting in a link.

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    I have been stretching my foreskin for five months and have seen great improvements but progress is slow. Patience is very necessary for this process. I started with a very small hole that was actually beginning to interfere with going to the toilet and now have a diameter of about three quarters of an inch. At this rate I believe that the whole process will take about a year. I am sure however that it will be worth it in the end.

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    Sonny, there are devices sold at which may serve you well. They are multi sizes of flesh tunnels which are inserted into the opening to dilate it passively. There are wearing precations you shoud follow is you choose that route. Youtube tutorials are available for better understanding.

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