how long will the rings take?

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    I am using the rings and am wondering how long it will take for it to resolve my tightness. I am currently on ring size 6. That fits fibe, as does size 7. Hope I’m doing it right.


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    I’d say that it is different for everyone. Ring 7 though, lucky you , can you retract far now?

    One thing I’d like to know is if it’s permanent because no one really gives updates.

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      Can’t retract that much more. There has been a slight improvement.

      Don’t know when I should change size.

      Should I go down a size as that also fits and stays in?

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    I’m putting in the largest i can as that will obviously stretch more. Its painful for 30 seconds but then dies down and i leave in for 1 hour 4 times a day.

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      How many days have you had them in before you need to change rings?

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      I went up 3 rings quite quickly but been on ring 9 for 4 weeks and now doesn’t really hurt but cant get ring 10 to open

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      Have you tried putting ring 8 inside ring 9 to give it a bit more of a stretch?

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    The rings will lead to a permanent fix if worn for sux weeks past achieving the goal. That allows time for the skins cells to divide and mature.

    Moving up in size should take place when the current ring fits loosely or falls out. Introduction of the next larger size calls for careful monitoring of wearing time for a few days as the skin adjusts to increased tension.

    Don’t fear taking charge of your own project. Since each man has his own individual anatomy, suggestions here are just generic and may require some ingenuity and experimentation on your part to make it work.

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