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    Hi everyone,


    Firstly I wanted to thank everyone who contributed to this forum. It’s been good seeing other people’s experiences and results.


    I’ve been using phimostretch rings for 5 days and had good results so far. I’m between rings 6/7. My foreskin is tight but I’ve had the head come through (it was very tight) before when having sex without any tears. I’m taking stretching slowly, applying E45 cream and only moving up when the ring can be removed easily without bending.


    I want to use Hydrocortisone 1% cream to thin the skin and ease the process. Have those that use Hydrocortisone 1% cream also used rings or did you stretch using fingers only? I don’t want to develop a tear or infection.


    Also, I’ve been using a little drop of water based lube to insert the ring. Is this good practice?



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    Sorry, I’m between rings 7/8.

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