I don't have Phimosis, but want it.

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    I know That this is unusual, but I have always wanted to have phimosis ever since I learnt what it was. I am 51 years old, not sexually active, celibate and try my best not to masturbate.

    Over the past 24 hours, I have been attempting to create the circumstances required for acquired/pathologic phimosis to form. I have been applying pure tea tree oil to the tip if my foreskin every couple of hours for 24 hours. Being that the inner foreskin is mucosa it has created the inflammation required to hopefully form the scar tissue to create phimosis. This method is painless.

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    To each, his own. As someone with phimosis your desire completely baffles me.

    I’m sure you understand the impact of what you are trying to do. But if it brings you happiness then who am I to judge.

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    Thanks for your support.

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    Going Forward

    Ok…. why? It’s a huge pain to deal with JUST from  cleanliness stand point!



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    Clearly a troll.

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    Not trolling, just stating my wishes. There is good and bad with everything, pros and cons. Some people like red, others blue. Some people like building muscles despite the hard work, for others it too much effort so they choose against it. I am sure that there are many people out there who are quite happy having phimosis and would not change it if they could. That being said I know I am unusual in attempting to create what you are trying to reverse, but I like both the idea of it and the look dispite what will no doubt be hard work.

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    Going Forward

    I seriously doubt there are “many” people out there who are happy with phimosis!

    in fact quick poll?

    how many people here are happy with the condition and don’t want to change it?


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    I think the group here might be a little biased since it is pretty much a phimosis reversal group lol.

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      Well yeah lol, no one is going to support your decision. You could end up damaging your foreskin and need a circumcision.

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      You’ll be just fine as I’ve continued stretching for years and it’s great to have a very lose foreskin, trust me !

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    I used to have a very loose foreskin, but now I am happy to say that I have successfully created phimosis. it is still in the healing process. My foreskin cannot retract at all now, the opening is about the size of the tip of my finger. As it heals I expect the opening to get a little smaller as the scar tissue contracts. I have been fascinated with phimosis for many years and have wanted it for just as long. I have finally achieved my desire and in an easy pain-free way.

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      me too.

      I’ve created phimosis for myself too. I love the condition the glans being totally covered and will never be exposed. It’s been 3 years and has no problem at all so far.

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    Going Forward

    OK WHY again do you want phimosis? The look and WHAT in gods name else?

    Keeping it clean is P R O J E C T and yeah good that your not gettin laid cause that’  way less fun as well.


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    Going Forward

    Serious thread resurrection here, I found this post from way back and I wanted to see if Cosmic waa  Still active?

    I doubt it because my relief is this was a total troll post BUT if not how did you “achieve” phimosis?

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    I had phimosis when I was young.  Masturbation was impossible due to the pain.  I almost thought it was normal for my penis to be completely covered.  When I tried having sex at 13yo, my foreskin was forced back and my penis was exposed.  There was some bleeding, but the sexual pleasure was intense. I thought I urinated inside my partner, because i’ve never ejaculated before (only wet dreams). The orgasm caused me to passed out.  When I regained consciousness, I had sex again and the second orgasm was really good. I had sex regularly after that and my grades went downhill.

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      now imagine if women had the same sexdrive we have, nothing would get done, the world woud come to a stop. it would be much worst than grades going downhill.  lol

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