Improving Foreskin Movement

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      Improving Foreskin Movement

      Hello people,

      I’m 19 yrs old, and have recently begun my first sexual relationship with a girl. My initial experience was painful, and indeed, I felt close to the point of “tearing” something when my foreskin became pushed back.

      My limited research has led me to believe that the frenulum (the band of skin connecting the foreskin to the glands of the penis head?) is not able to stretch appropriately. When I am able to retract my foreskin (which is only possible when non-errect (most prominently while in the shower) – or post ejaculation, it isn’t easy, and the foreskin becomes severely bunch up behind the head of the penis, making any possible sexual activity impossible.

      Is the problem I’m quoting a result of my frenulum being too short? If, after successfully stretching the frenulum, will the problem of my foreskin bunching up behind the penis head become redundant?

      Further, any descriptions of stretching techniques, or directions to websites that contain such techniques, would by most appreciated.

      Finally, can you give an approximate time frame in which results from the stretching should become apparent . . . I really want to enjoy my newly found sexuality with my girlfriend, but I am afriad without some sort of surgery, my penis will be incapable of letting me do so.


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