Infection again

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    So have been stretching again and the itch and pain started again. I’m not sure if it’s yeast or if I have balantis. I can see the inside of the skin is really red but I can’t see the bottom of the head and I’d say that is bad too. I don’t think stretching is going to work for me? It seems as soon as I get 3/4 of the way down, an infection starts.

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    Does cleaning and exposing the skin cause infection since it’s always been covered?

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    Clean  it out with hydrogen peroxide and get some coconut oil in there and it should clean it up. The Hydrogen peroxide will foam up and leave it on for a minute and rinse out and reapply for another minute and rinse again and apply the coconut oil. You can use a turkey baster to apply the rinsing water. This will kill any yeast or bacterial infection. The coconut oil prevents infections so you can resume stretching.

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    I was using coconut oil. Unfortunately it still happened



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    The Hydrogen Peroxide is a vital part of the process. I am a care giver and have cured several bacterial and yeast infections when the doctor stuff failed.

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    First rule is no soap inside the foreskin. Use clear water only.  Apply Clotrimazole twice per day for ten days. They apply some pain yogurt with live cultures to restore proper bacterial count.

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    How do I get the cream under the foreskin. It’s really tight again. It says to put it on thinly so I can’t just squeeze loads in there

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    Why are so any so resistiant to using Hydrogen Peroxide.  I have cured Pusey that has yeast infections so bad, they looked like they were breaded in flower twice, in about 12 hours and doctors were supportive. You will not have your unit fall off if you try it. Just keep doing what you are doing and nothing will change. Some of you guys will meet a strange woman at a bar and screw her in you car and you may not even know her name but you won’t use some Hydrogen Peroxide because you are afraid you unit will rot off??? I am puzzled.

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    I am afraid it will make things worse. It’s not like I can rinse it off if it does.

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    Go back and read my October 23 message and you horrid fears will be all allayed. Good grief your thingy is not that delicate. It is designed to resist pee and hard ramming and vigorous sucking. Get to work or go to the Doctor Amputator and get Circumcised and have painful tight erections and most of your foreskin sensations tossed in a medial waste furnace and have a dried out glans with no sensation. You can also get a Killian nasal speculum with the set screw and get busy stretching.

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    Just to support davit, I have followed his advice on the hydrogen peroxide with a 3%. Been using it for two months now and condition of my foreskin is much cleaner, less sore and doesn’t smell fleshy like perviously.

    I had also hit a point where stretching wasn’t happening for me which was because I had a yeast infection. Once I used the HP and got rid of the yeast my stretching advanced two phimocure rings in a week to start with which told me the swelling made a difference.

    I was sceptical about using the solution but looked into it on other sites and it was mentioned frequently, I apply just before a shower and it foams then I rinse out in shower and apply cold pressed coconut oil after.

    Hope this helps.


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    How do you rinse out though? I can’t get under the foreskin to do that.


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    Take a turkey baster and fill it with water and put it in the end of your FS and squirt the water in the fs cavity and let it flush out.

    A FS is not hard to operate. You want me to come to your house to show you house to do this?? You can read and write so I assume you are capable of doing this. GET a Killian Nasal Speculum with the set screw  to facilitate stretching.

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