Is my frenulum short?

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      <p style=”text-align: center;”>Hello, I’m not sure if my frenulum is short (frenulum breve)?</p>

      when erect, my foreskin will go just below the head, any further there is resistance. sometimes can feel a strain, not painful as such but uncomfortable

      the head doesn’t bend when erect though.


      im assuming my frenulum is short, opposed to my actual foreskin being tight as it passes the head



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      Looks fine to me. It’s the same as my mates and he hasn’t had any problems with his. If you feel it’s short stretch it

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      i would not worry about it if i was you, it likes perfectly fine, if the head does not bend when erect and does not feel strangled, just leave it the way it is.  its true that foreskins usually go back further but yours seems to go back just enough for what you need it for. im sure most guys here which theres was like yours.  so dont fix what ain t broken. 😉


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