Is this frenulum short or normal length?

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    This is my frenulum flaccid because I still can’t get my foreskin entirely over my glans erect. I’m on my second week of stretching. I was wondering will I need to stretch my frenulum or require frenuloplasty even after stretching based on these pictures or is my frenulum a pretty good size?

    My frenulumMy frenulumMy frenulumMy frenulumMy frenulumMy frenulum

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    Looks ok to me. Seems you are getting ahead of yourself. Only 2 weeks stretching and expect to be fully retractile? Give it time, if you get a curved down erection (head particularly) and have pain then frenulum might be short. But surgery isn’t remedy to everything. My frenulum

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      Hey thanks for the reply. I took some new and clearer pictures still flaccid. What do you think…still a normal frenulum from what you can see? Ahaha I was just so surprise that I could retract fully flaccid in just a week. Erect is a whole different beast. I can pull it back like 90% flaccid just barely and it does like a turtleneck thing. Its been 3 weeks only so I’m in no rush. I’m giving stretching a whole year before considering leaving it alone if it doesn’t hurt or other options.

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    Welcome. One thing, how old are you? And are you sexually active? Masturbate regularly?

    Your frenulum looks ok to me. I am 41. Can’t remember how I was younger when my skin was tighter but frenulum never seemed like an issue.

    Another thing before you ever consider altering your frenulum. Does it provide stimulation?  My frenulum because my sweet spot ever since I became sexually active, would never give it up.

    You are doing great progress to be retractile fully when flacid. Some guys never seen their heads… so will be only a matter of time when you get retractile when erect. Also think of why you want those results. Unless you are having issues don’t try to change.

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      30 about to turn 31 and still a virgin fore now, but I’m planning to be more sexually active. I use to masturbate almost everyday, but I’m cutting back.

      That so great to here. One of my biggest fears is successfully curing my Phimosis only to realize I also have frenulum breve. Its feels like you’re moving backward.

      I don’t want to alter anything about me. Its just that if sex becomes painful and stretching doesn’t work then what other options do I really have besides circumcision. It is a last ditch effort, but I fear erectile dysfunction from  Phimosis pain more then losing my frenulum. Like whats the point of having a frenulum and foreskin if sex is painful.

      Thank you. How long would it say it took you to fully retract erect normally? Well honestly I don’t know. I guess I just want to fix it, but I honestly never had any issues with morning wood or masturbating. 2 weeks ago I didn’t even know I had an issue. I just thought the way my penis looks is just an uncircumcised penis. I didn’t know it was supposed to retract too.

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    Well now I see the issue of your doubts here. You are a virgin at 30, becoming insecure on how “difficult” sex will be once you become sexual active because you are projecting other people’s experiences onto you… wrong mindset to seek help in the first place.

    Masturbation actually has shown to improve phimosis in younger men. So don’t stop it.

    Another thing, we aren’t “uncircumcised” because that implies circumcised is the standard and if you aren’t you belong to a substandard. We are simply natural and account for 70% of men in the world. If anything circumcised should be called unnatural because we are the majority.

    Now there is nothing to “fix” unless you feel that you are broken. Give the year you said you will to stretching. If in a week you retracted fully when flacid then you are off to a good start.


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      Hmm I guess that kind of make sense. So I should not based my decision on fixing Phimosis based on other people experience. Does that mean that if I have sex and its painless I should just leave everything alone? Do you know people that have had unprotected sex with Phimosis? I want to have kids one day so unprotected sex is my main concern when it comes to Phimosis. I know that Phimosis is not usually a problem if you use a condom.

      Yeah I can retract flaccid and clean in the shower, but it still feels tight so I wouldn’t say that I’m done with flaccid. It feels like the foreskin is rolling over and sticky a bit now smoothly gliding when retracting flaccid and it does feel a bit tight behind the glans. Honestly if I can get it to a point that its a little looser flaccid and if I can’t retract erect, but its not painful with sex I consider that a success. The perfect scenario that i hope happens is being able to retract flaccid and erect and for both to be comfortable.

      For some reason this battle with Phimosis has stressed me out more then anything else. I couldn’t really sleep the first week I found out I had this and it was even more frustrating knowing that I could have fixed this earlier in my late teens or early 20’s.

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    <p style=”text-align: center;”>I cant tell you how to feel other than no one has to be ready for sex. Guys with phimo have children… phimosis isn’t a disability and your foreskin won’t get torn because you have sex (unless rough perhaps, but I doubt you are into that being a virgin).</p>
    Really stop overthinking of hypothetical scenarios. Keep working on stretching, you already made progress. And can’t turn back time, guys in their 20s who also struggled with phimosis got misguided advice and got cut. Maybe it is good you sought advice now and not then when more vulnerable.

    Look at the journey of this “pinhole” phimo guy who had 3 children and started at age 35 to “fix” his condition.

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