Just rolled foreskin over the glans today and I found a brownish dot.

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    So yesterday I was able to get it partially over the glans and today I was able to pull back completely over the glans while flaccid. Its still tight so I still need to stretch. When I did pull my foreskin over the lip or corona are in the back of the glans this dot appears and its under my actual foreskin. I don’t see it when my foreskin is rolled forward over the glans normally. Its not bumpy or bleeds. It feel smooth just like the rest of the skin. I’m also a virgin so it shouldn’t be any kind of STD. I was wondering is this something serious or something that is benign like a mole? Should I go get it looked at?

    brown dot on foreskin

    brown dot under foreskin

    brown dot under foreskin

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    it looks like a birthmark, so dont worry about it 😉  birthmarks can show up anywhere on the body, even on a penis.

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      Thank you. I posted on a medical reddit and someone mention that it could be a freckle too. It scared the crap out of me when I saw it. I’m still going to ask my GP about it too just incase.

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      I have one, smaller on the outer part of the tip of my FS, one of many birthmarks i have. But if it makes you feel better, you can ask your doctor about it. Good luck with the stretching, it does give results 😉

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    I have 2 of those on my outer foreskin… mole I think is what they call it (congenital). Not a sign of STD nor cancer as you may have heard too. Beware of who you go to… Doctors love to blame the foreskin for all penile issues… not long ago I went to the ER for testiculte pain that wouldn’t go away.  When Doctor examined me, he made a face and remarked “oh you are uncircumcised”, and I said what does that have to do with the pain on my balls? He said “uncircumcised” men sometimes don’t wash their penis well so they get diseases… but saying that’s the case. They did STDs test and a sonogram, all negative.

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