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    hi guys,

    last year I decided to do something about my phimosis. In 2018 I did frenulum tying so everything was free for stretching out my foreskin.

    I have a very mild form of phimosis. I’m able to retract when I’m flaccid, and able to retract when erect. (But a little bit harder). I’ve never retracted in erection before because my frenulum was to tight, with that solved, I can now retract when erect.

    But.. when I retract I notice a really tight ring (the phimotic ring.) the shaft of the penis is uhh a lot thicker.. so that’s my reason to stretch.

    I ordered the phimocure kit, but I noticed some difficulties in keep the phimocure rings in place. Because I have a longer foreskin, there is a long part beneath the phimotic ring. It was just pulling my foreskin down, so only the last part of the foreskin was Still on the phimocure ring. That was painful.

    My solution: two rings on top of each other. (Makes look my Penis a lot bigger as well)

    what at do you guys think?

    Phimocure rings

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    I thought I was the only one with that issue (after I didn’t have any luck reading older topics). I’m sorting this out with the help of tiny (soft) patches – 2-3 mm wide, usually 2 or 4, in order to stop the ring to pop out. I’m putting them crosswise. Sometimes it gets tricky to put (and unfold) the ring and to put the patches after, but sooner or later I’m able to do this, sometimes it takes about 10 minutes. If things are not working, because after some time it gets dry – I’m using almond oil, although I don’t know if it’s the best choice, that’s what I got, but I think it is similar to coconut oil everybody are suggesting here.

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