Mild phimosis (with pic)

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    Hi guys,

    I suffer from phimosis since I was a kid. I guess I failed to practice stretching when I was younger, but it’s never too late…

    I suffer from a mild phimosis, but it is still a big problem as I don’t really enjoy sex that much. I feel some pain and constraint when my erection gets really strong…that’s when it gets very difficult (sometimes impossible) to uncover the gland completely and I’m always worried to cause some damage if I try to do so…

    I started stretching in Summer 2018, doing an average of 2 x 10-minutes-long sessions per day, using something similar to a nasal speculum to stretch (holding the grip for 5 minutes and repeating this 2 more times per session).

    I haven’t done this super regularly throughout the last few months but I’d say I reached some results… I can uncover the gland completely with a mild erection by gently pushing down the foreskin (basically the foreskin has to be gently pushed down with my thumb finger).

    When my erection reaches the very peak the situation changes though, as my foreskin doesn’t move down easily even with a gentle pressure with my fingers.

    See the following pic to get an idea: 

    Do you think I should try different stretching exercises? How long do you think it might take to improve my condition based on the progress I made so far?

    Thanks a lot for your support and I look forward to sharing some techniques that might be helpful for you guys too!

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    Have you tried phimocure rings?

    You look like it wouldn’t take long to fix with the rings. I bet in a couple months you could cure yourself with it.

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    Going Forward

    Ohhh yeah you can stretch that out in a couple months easy with just the two finger stretching method. I had it so bad my opening wouldn’t permit me to put two fingers in the hole….


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    Hi guys,

    Thanks a lot for your comments. I’m getting good results using something similar to a nasal speculum to stretch (holding the grip for 5 minutes and repeating this 2 more times per session).

    I do 2 sessions a day. Should I increase them?

    In the past I noticed that if I stop stretching for a couple of weeks I loose most of my progress…I’m worried this might happen again after a couple of months stretching…do you do any maintenance as soon as you reach a good result?


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    Hi guys,

    Any feedback about my routine? See my last message! Thanks!

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      For your mildly tight foreskin, I do not think that artificial means of stretching (such as rings or speculums) are necessary.  The more sex you have, the easier it will be to slide your foreskin back and forth over the head.  If you can’t do this with a partner, then masturbate with plenty of lubricant and move the skin gently as far back as you can and then forwards.  Keep it going back and forth, increasing the pace.  Do this a couple of times each day.  Eventually you will see positive results.

      Your pic shows a foreskin that needs more movement back and forth over the rim of the penis head.  When you get going with that on a daily basis, it will become easier and the ring at the tip of your foreskin will begin to stretch easily.  Constant and persistent movement over the head and rim will produce the result you want.  Use plenty of lube.

      The only problem I see is the pain you mention at the beginning of your post.  Is it still happening?

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    Hi Cadence,


    Thanks a lot for your detailed reply. The “pain” is more like a feeling of constraint that I’m starting to feel less and less as I’m naturally stretching the penis up and down since a couple of weeks as you suggested. I’m also doing the speculum stretching every now and then…not sure if I should continue with that.

    Do you think it will be possible to go back to the starting point if I stop stretching or by doing sex/masturbating regularly this will be difficult?


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    Lack of progress

    You may have a mild yeast infection or bacteria infection that is causing your progress to stop or regress. Just try some liquid Hydrogen Peroxide, you can get at a pharmacy or the grocery stores for a couple of dollars, and put it  around and inside you FS. I have never had it hurt of burn. It will foam up as it cleans you situation and use it twice a day for about two days and you should be cured. You can rinse it off after a few minutes and reapply it and go for the day. If necessary you can use a pee flush if you cannot retract at all. I have had it stop the tightening and  makes the skin relax.  Keep using the nasal speculum as it is an easy method to stretch. Use phymocure or other similar devices to maintain the opening so the skin will grow but not so big a device that too much stretch is applied. 2 to 4 sessions a day should do it. Doctor stuff does not work to cure anything in my experience. Tightening is most often caused by some sort of an infection.

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    i,m at that stange. any progress since the pic was taken?

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