Moving to Ring 11?

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    What is the best way to transition from Ring 10 to Ring 11? Theres seems to bit a significant size difference between the two, and its sort of intimidating.

    It looks extremely painful.

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    It’s been really hard for me. I’ve given up at the moment because of it

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    I honestly didn’t find moving up to the next ring to be that terrible until I got to ring 10. It took awhile to get used to ring 10 more than the one previous one. And Ring 11 looks like its gonna be a bitch too. But there no sense on stopping when you’re this far a long. I mean we’re almost there.

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    Ring 10 was tough but ring 11 just doesn’t sit right and the odd time that it did, it would pop out. Might be different for you.

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    I haven’t tried it yet. I’m thinking about putting in R10 first and switch it out with R11 after a few mins. Thats how eased into R10 at first.

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    I used ring 10 for about 15 mins then removed it and made sure ring 11 was nice lubed up and fed it in gradually. Not going to lie i remember that one hurting quite a lot. Left it in for 10 mins and had to remove. Later in the day i did ring 10 then to 11 again and it does get easier.

    Unfortunately you have got to deal with it but the end results are with it lads honestly.

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      You just made me even more terrified of it…

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    Currently at ring 11. Sort of scared to go to 12 but you must persevere. Victory is so close. Don’t give up now.

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