My 8 year old son has been diagnosed with BXO.

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    My son has been diagnosed since the age of 5 with phimosis, tight phimosis and now BXO. We’ve seen 3 urologists and they all recommend circumcision, however the current urologist says if there’s no infection and he’s peeing then there’s no need to rush into circumcision right now. He’c concerned about the white part becoming hardened underneath his foreskin and causing problems, he says it’s basically dry skin. He wrote a prescription for Hydrocortisone Cream 1% . And we have to follow up in 2 mos.I always thought Hydrocortisone was for some type of skin itching condition.

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    He needs something potent. Caution must be used by applying scant amounts only to the affected srea.

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    A good radio show on the general topic of circumcision, start at 29 min 55sec.

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      Thank you Stephen!

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    Non-retractile foreskin (sometimes called phimosis) is not a disease.  It is a condition and is normal in childhood.  A diagnosis is inappropriate because it is not a disease.

    Treatment with cortisone is a recognized conservative treatment for BXO.

    You are to be commended for protecting your son’s foreskin.




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      Thank you Bucky

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      There are many formulations of cortisones, most of which would be worthless in treatment of BXO.

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    I had mild bxo and I was able to mostly get rid of it with wiping diligently after peeing, avoiding irritation and coconut oil. It took several months for it to clear up but its possible to cure if you catch it early.

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      Greetings Ashwintwin, how did you use coconut oil ?

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      I applied it in the morning to my foreskin. Its especially important to apply it to the skin that makes contact with urine. What the oil does is create a barrier between urine and skin and also fight back against microbes such as yeast which may irritate the skin. In my opinion the most important thing is to keep the urine off the foreskin.

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      Many Thanks Ashwintwin,

      I will begin this routine ASAP!



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      Update: Ashwintwin, I researched a little further regarding the coconut oil, it was like looking for a needle in a haystack, but I found it. I found that taking a teaspoon of organic cold pressed coconut oil 2x daily in addition to applying warm coconut oil (preferably at room temperature once it liquidifies) and allowing my son to massage it on his penis has worked wonders! His pee hole appears much bigger not a pinhole like before , his stream seems to be faster when he pees and the white band seems to be not as pronounce as it once were. We’ve been using this routine almost 1 month and will continue to do so . I’m excited to see continued results. Ashwintwin many many thanks for sharing your experience. I feel more confident that circumcision will and can be avoided as we continue this path. Last but not least, many many thanks to the creator(s) of this forum. You have been a beacon of light for my son and I as we travel this journey of remaining intact. Thank you. Ruta & Son

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      Hi Ruta. I’m very glad to hear the positive progress for your son! I wish you the best of luck!

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      I had yeast infection for many years but I hadn’t noticed it because of phimosis. Now I can completely pull back the foreskin. Will coconut oil cure my yeast infection??

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      Hi Wilson. It has been known to cure yeast infections. Try it for a week and see if it works for you. If not you might have to get an anti-fungal cream which are available without prescription in pharmacies.

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