My Balantis(?) Nightmare

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    I posted another thread a while ago, but things have changed greatly since then. So, since November I have had trouble retracting my foreskin. I think I always had a slight phimosis when erect, but when I was soft, I could always retract fully off the glans of the penis. This was the case for 23 years, but in November things changed.

    All of a sudden, I found I could not retract the foreskin, and came to understand this was due to both a short frenulum and a tight phimotic ring, both of which had developed a white-ish, scar-like tinge.

    After seeing several people who gave contradictory diagnosis, I finally saw a real urologist. He told me a few things:

    1) The whiteness was due to micro-scarring, and he believed this was caused by a disease called Balantis Xerotica Obliterans, which means the skin breaks more easily and heals with scar tissue. This had occurred on both the frenulum and the inner foreskin, which is why the phimotic ring had also tightened like an elastic band.

    2) He didn’t think the Balantis was ‘active’ currently, as there was no visible inflamation (though I had never experienced any inflamation at all, or itchiness or pain.)

    3) My cleaning techniques were not working. He managed with great effort to expose enough of the glans to show me the build-up of smegma underneath the corona, and while there was nothing infected, it had clearly been there a while.

    4) While he did not feel it likely that I was in immediate danger of the situation worsening, he did think circumcision would be the way forward as he had never seen long-term positive effects from steroid creams, and the possibility of the balantis would risk further scarring if he tried either a frenuloplasty or a preputioplasty (in addition, these surgeries carried risk of infection due to the possibility of continued issues with retraction and cleaning)

    So, this is where I am now. That was a few days ago. I’d like advice if anybody here can offer it. Obviously my intention is to avoid a circumcision if at all possible (and please, don’t give me false hope. I know in some cases, circumcision just isn’t avoidable). I have no other symptoms other than this retraction issue. After I got home, I worked with the foreskin a little and actually did manage to retract it behind the head to clean, but this was difficult. Not painful as such, but even now I’m not really sure how I managed it without ripping something. So, I’m clean, for now. Going forward, i am using Evening Primrose Oil on the site, due to its relatively well known although not clinically tested effect of breaking down scar tissue and restoring elasticity to skin. I am also going to try and get a booking with a dermatologist since the urologist was unable to 100% confirm balantis (he said that this required a large skin sample, which I wasn’t entirely convinced by). Obviously, I don’t want to go the stretching route if there is risk of further scarring and thus further tightening, but I know balantis cannot be gotten rid of, so it’s a catch 22.

    Anyway, I have some images.

    The first are not well focused, but give you an idea of how short the frenulum had become. These were taken in September. Then you have two taken after I managed to uncover the head a few days ago to clean it, (you can see the elastic band type restriction). And finally one taken today, just to show the extent to which the glans can emerge comfortably right now.

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    Any comments would be appreciated. Like I said, I don’t want to lose my foreskin, but I want to be realistic about how advanced this is, because I’ve read balantis can have links to penis cancer, and that it can occasionally spread to the urethra requiring extremely invasive surgery.



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    P Bob

    Are you applying the Primrose oil directly on to your glans?

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    I don’t really have issues with the glans, so the main application is to the foreskin when retracted, and the frenulum. Of course, it is an oil, so inevitably it does get on the glans, but it is not irritant or known to have any ill effects to my knowledge.

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    Wow! What a dilemma. Any possibility the doctor would work with you in using steroids? When women are afflicted with BXO, circumcision is not a line of defense. Ask for equal treatment.

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    Hello read my post and my treatment with the steroid cream it does work to thin the scarring ring you have. And the effects have lasted. 3 years since I had that problem. Find another urologist and get a second opinion. The first one I went to told me circumcision was my only option. Glad I didn’t listen

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    Hello Jack. Thanks for the advice. I now have an appointment with a dermatologist in the works. As I said before, I have not been conclusively diagnosed with BXO yet. I have been given a prescription for Clobetasol Propionate 0.05% steroid, supposedly the strongest the prescribe here for the condition, but have not applied it yet.

    I’m not a skin expert, but was told that if I had been damaged by BXO, it did not appear to be currently ‘active’ (this was according to the urologist). Here’s the dilemma, if the BXO is active, obviously the steroid cream is there to combat it, but if it isn’t, and what I have is instead post-BXO scarring on the phimotic ring, I’m worried the steroid cream could make it even more prone to scarring by thinning it! I don’t really understand the science behind how this works, and was going to wait to speak to the dermatologist (could be another few weeks).

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