My preputioplasty

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    2 years ago when I was 14, I was scared when I realised I had phimosis, but this group became my best friend and safe haven so thank you everyone.

    I had multiple problems occurring and they wouldn’t stop so I took the approach of going to the surgical side. I had a preputioplasty in April. And it was the most uncomfortable 6 weeks of my life, however, the best decision I have made. Mine (touch wood) has been a success and honestly am so thankful for that.

    If people can’t seem to find another way out and stretching leads to more problems (however, maybe I was unlucky as stretching worked for me until my ongoing battle with balanitis everytime is attempt to stretch) then please think about it


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    Happy it worked for you. Is it obvious that you had it done or does it just look normal? and is it lose or tight when retracted?

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      Thanks Patrick! And thanks for being there the whole journey .

      honeslty not that noticeable at all, it’s almost as if the ring is angled down slightly at one point.

      at the start the scar was hard so wouldn’t retract all the way, doctor said keep applying E45 cream (still do) and it gets less hard and hard and now does retracting when erect. The only thing stopping it at beginning was the scar site

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    That’s great. Was worth getting it done then

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    Just curious how it’s going now. Has your balantis totally gone?

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      hey Patrick, sorry for late response.

      touch wood, yes it has. I am able to clean it properly and can pull it back with erection too.

      best decision I have ever made so far

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    You’re lucky man. I asked about getting the same thing done here but they don’t seem to know much about it, only partial and full circ

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    If a doctor doesn’t know of other alternatives other than circumcision then keep searching. Remember any surgery is irreversible.

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